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16 Best Ways to Spend Memorial Day Weekend 2019 in Las Vegas

How often do you think about the freedoms you enjoy? Are there any freedoms that you take for granted? Like: The freedom to speak your mind without fear of retribution from the government? The freedom to practice the religion of your choice, or no religion at all, without fear of persecution? The freedom to use […]

7 Best Ways to Have a Cannabis-Themed Valentine’s Day

Have your last few Valentine’s Days been unremarkable? Forgettable? Boring?  If so, how can you break out of that pattern? How do you get beyond the flowers and the cards and the fancy dinners and create a Valentine’s Day experience that’s TRULY exceptional? You add cannabis to it. Obviously! (Come on, you read the blog […]

Nevada pot supply steady as wholesale recreational prices remain high

Nevada’s recreational marijuana supplies are plentiful but not overly abundant, keeping wholesale cannabis prices on the high side compared to other adult-use markets. Business owners in Nevada don’t expect wholesale prices to remain steep for much longer, however. Growers are continuing to build out their cultivation facilities and improve their growing methods, pumping additional supplies […]

What You Need to Know About Cannabis For Pets

Meet Kona. She’s a 13-year-old Dutch shepherd mix suffering from red, itchy skin due to seasonal allergies. Kona’s discomfort was keeping her up at night, and she in turn was keeping her owner Bea Adams up at night too. Bea took Kona to their veterinarian, who recommended Therabis, a CBD-based medical cannabis product made specifically […]

Can Cannabis Help You Sleep?

“WHY CAN’T I SLEEP???” That’s what you’ve just screamed into your pillow, after hours of tossing and turning. Unfortunately, your pillow doesn’t have much to say on the topic, so you turn to Google and discover all kinds of reasons why people get insomnia. Reasons like: Chronic pain Anxiety/depression A medical condition such as Parkinson’s […]

The Future of Cannabis in 2018

2017 was a big year for cannabis! California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada all legalized recreational marijuana. Arkansas, Montana, and North Dakota legalized medical marijuana. Nevada really went the distance and got the recreational program up and running in just six months! The Las Vegas City Council could vote as early as March 2018 on whether […]

How Cannabis Can Boost Your Creativity

Without creativity, you’ve got nothing. Because  “being creative” isn’t just something that only artists do. Solving problems, overcoming obstacles, creating new life opportunities for yourself – these are ALL creative acts. But what do you do when the creative juices aren’t flowing the way they should? You’ve got a block or a clog somewhere, and […]

Nevada’s Recreational Marijuana Market Hits $38M, Soars Past Colorado

Nevada’s recreational marijuana industry hit a new high, selling more than $37.9 million in October. The state has earned nearly $20 million in marijuana tax revenue since the adult-use market launched in July. “We are pretty on target with projections, maybe a little over,” Department of Taxation spokeswoman Stephanie Klapstein told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. […]

Joy to the weed! Marijuana legalization comes bearing gifts

Peter Bernard’s Yuletide plans include dressing up in a tuxedo emblazoned with marijuana leaves, donning a green Santa hat and doling out cookie bars made with marijuana to his friends from a big pillowcase. “That’s me exercising my right to give marijuana this Christmas,” said Bernard, a Taunton, Massachusetts, pot lover who heads the Massachusetts […]

The Top 5 Cannabis Christmas Gifts

‘Tis the season of giving. Or if you love cannabis…ganja giving! But what do you give the cannabis lover who has it all? Here’s a list of the top five Christmas cannabis gifts that marijuana aficionados are sure to go crazy for! 1. Dutch Girl Cookies Christmas isn’t Christmas without cookies, and for this occasion, […]

Cannabis Edibles for the Christmas Table

Christmas will be here soon, and this year, why not make it a truly “green” Christmas – one that’s chock-full of cannabis? In our Thanksgiving post, we showed you how to make cannabis-infused butter, turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry and orange relish sauce. You can use those same recipes on Christmas Day and combine them […]

Adding CBD to Your Workout Regimen

You’ve just finished a strenuous workout. Your muscles feel like hamburger meat. Maybe you’re feeling a little queasy or even full-on nauseous. Sure, you can reach for those standard over-the-counter painkillers to help you through that discomfort. But why not reach for medical cannabis instead? Athletes and fitness buffs are beginning to add CBD products […]

How Marijuana Affects Your Workout

Ever thought about hitting the pipe before hitting the gym? Believe it or not, some athletes claim that cannabis and exercise are a winning combination. They say that marijuana gives them a boost of energy, helps them relax, relieve aches and pains, and alleviates the boredom of long-distance running. Because of marijuana’s legal status, it’s […]

Nevada pot stores to get more product

A judge cleared the way Thursday for Nevada to allow more businesses to move marijuana from growers to stores in an effort to keep up with overwhelming demand since recreational pot sales began last month. Carson City District Judge James Russell lifted an order blocking regulators from issuing pot distribution licenses to anyone other than […]

Nevada marijuana law puts tourists in a tough spot

Anything goes in Las Vegas, right? Wrong. On the Strip, buying marijuana legally is one thing, smoking it is another. Last month Nevada became the eighth state to allow the sale of recreational pot to adults 21 and over. The law mandates that legally bought marijuana be consumed in a private residence – nothing public, […]

Henderson council votes to extend moratorium on recreational weed

Marijuana shoppers hoping to buy recreational weed in Henderson will have to wait for at least another month after the Henderson City Council voted unanimously to extend a moratorium on the product until September. The moratorium, which prevents the city’s five licensed marijuana dispensaries from selling the plant for recreational use, also prevents over a […]

Pot Emergency due to Marijuana Shortages

The issue is not supply, it’s distribution. After nevada started legal recreational marijuana sales, pot shops can’t keep up with demand. Growing it isn’t the problem, the problem is removing it. Unlike other states, they require alcohol distributors to transport the drug but none were properly licensed when sales started.  

Nevada Issues Marijuana “Statement of Emergency”

In nevada officials say there’s a pot problem. there’s not enough of it to go around. they issued a statement of emergency on the shortage. Recreational marijuana became legal in the state at the beginning of this month, July 1. Just in that short amount of time the governor says licensed distributors haven’t been able […]

Nevada Marijuana Dispensaries Are Already Running Low on Pot

Less than two weeks after Nevada began the legal sale of recreational marijuana, dozens of dispensaries in the state are worried they soon won’t have any pot left. The plant sales quickly outpaced the expectation of store owners and local officials, who saw lines out the door when recreational marijuana purchases began on July 1. […]

Recreational cannabis comes to Las Vegas

Add another vice to your list of permissible Las Vegas sins: marijuana, which became legal to be sold recreationally in Nevada as of 12:01 a.m. on July 1. Last November, a ballot measure to legalize recreational cannabis for adults ages 21 and older passed by nine percentage points. Read More

Recreational marijuana becomes legal in Nevada

Recreational marijuana sales began shortly after midnight, just months after Nevada voters approved legalization in November, marking the fastest turnaround from the ballot box to retail sales in the country. Hundreds of people lined up at Essence Cannabis Dispensary on the Las Vegas Strip. People were excited and well-behaved as a lone security guard looked […]

Recreation marijuana will go on sale at midnight in Nevada

Hours away from recreational marijuana sales in Nevada, many dispensaries in Las Vegas are opening preparing to open at midnight for their first retail sales. Here at essence dispensary, workers are stocking their shelves and getting ready for the big weekend. It’s one they’ve been preparing a long time for. Watch Video

Nevada to legalize pot possession this weekend

Call it a “strip”-tease: Nevada will technically legalize marijuana possession this weekend, but that still doesn’t mean that gamblers and revelers can light up on the Las Vegas Strip. The new rules go into effect on July 1, allowing people 21 and older to legally possess an ounce of marijuana. Read More & Watch Video

Countdown to Recreational Pot

It’s a lot of excitement. It’s a lot of the unknown. It’s been a long wait. Essence Cannabis Dispensary is ready to start selling recreational pot. We have additional staff additional point of sales in anticipation for increase demand and increased traffic. Watch Video (6/28) Watch Video (6/30- 11pm) Watch Video (7/1) Watch Video (7/2)

Here’s a behind-the-seeds look at a Vegas medical marijuana farm

CEO Armen Yemenidjian tends to Desert Grown Farms’ marijuana plants. | Photo by Corey Levitan for Crain’s Las Vegas When you tell your Facebook friends you’re touring a medical marijuana cultivation center, many ask if they give out free samples. Or giant bags of Doritos. But Desert Grown Farms, located in a white warehouse in […]

Visiting Nevada? You Can Purchase Medical Marijuana Here!

Did you know that is possible for out of state residents to buy medical marijuana in Las Vegas? When you are suffering from pain, anxiety, cancer and other ailments, medical marijuana is oftentimes the only thing that brings true relief.  This is all fine and dandy if you live in a state that understands the […]

Mexico’s New Direction In Terms of Cannabis Policy

Attendees of The UN Drug Policy Summit held in New York on April 20th were met with a surprising announcement made by none other than the Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto. In the spirit of 420, he spoke about his plans to support cannabis marijuana legislation for research, scientific, and medical purposes. Nieto has the […]

New Research Shows that Cannabis May Be an Effective Treatment for PTSD

During marijuana’s controversial history, specifically its prohibition, many have considered it to be a “coping drug” used to self-medicate symptoms of anxiety disorders like PTSD i.e. post-traumatic stress disorder. Furthermore, studies funded by the government analyzing the link between PTSD and marijuana tend to use the term “marijuana abuse disorder,” a problem that they say […]

Nevada’s Medical Marijuana Program Is Growing By Leaps and Bounds

If you are a proponent of medical marijuana, you may want to consider heading to Nevada – their medical marijuana program has grown, and continues to grow, substantially. In fact, based on information from the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, the program currently serves approximately 14,000 – 4,000 more than last year when licensed […]

Suffering From Insomnia? Marijuana Might Be Your Answer

It is not at all uncommon for people to have a hard time going to sleep. In fact, insomnia is becoming more and more prevalent as people try to pack more tasks into their daily lives and become more stressed out as a result of it all. For anyone who has ever suffered from insomnia, […]

What Should You Know About DUI and Medical Marijuana in Nevada?

While medical marijuana is becoming more and more common in various states across the country. Nevada was one of the first states to make it legal to possess and use medical marijuana in the case of certain health conditions. However, that does not change the fact that it is still highly illegal to drive a […]