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5 Best Strains for Playing Video Games With Friends

In an earlier post, we talked about the top 5 video games to play while using cannabis.

But not every cannabis strain goes well with video games. Some strains make you too sleepy. Others blast you so far up into the stratosphere that it’s difficult to concentrate.

So what are the best strains for playing video games with your friends? We’ve got five of ‘em! Here they are, divided up by video game genre.

Puzzle Games or Games That Require Creative Thinking

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a world-famous sativa strain most notable for helping people get their creative wheels turning.

So for games that require creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, such as Minecraft and Tetris, Jack Herer is THE gaming companion strain to have.

POV Action / Player Vs. Player Fighting Games

Green Crack

Call of Duty, Destiny, and other POV action games require an intense degree of mental energy and focus.

That is, if you take these games seriously. Which you should. After all, the fate of the country, the world, or possibly even the entire galaxy might be at stake.

And while your avatar will need med packs and first aid kits to boost his/her health, you’ll need the cannabis equivalent of that: Green Crack.

It’s highly energetic and cerebral effects will give you the energy boost and focus you need to take down your adversaries and complete the mission – even if it takes all night!

Acapulco Gold

Your friends decide at the last minute to put together a Fortnite tournament. Are you up to the challenge?

With Acapulco Gold, the answer is “yes.”

Low in CBD. High in THC. A reputation for giving its users an unparalleled level of mental focus and clarity.

This isn’t the strain for lounging around the house or “keeping things chill.” This is a strain for getting things done. Like crushing your opponents so thoroughly that they never question your gaming greatness again.

White Widow

Now…maybe you don’t want the level of intensity that Green Crack or Acapulco Gold have to offer.

Sure, you want something uplifting and energizing but you also just want to chill out.

After all, it’s Dragonball FighterZ; not open heart surgery. The point is to have fun, right?

If that’s the case, you can’t go wrong with White Widow. She’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that can keep you gaming for long hours while making you feel nice and relaxed about it.

Strategy / RPG Games

Blue Dream

Strategy and RPG games require a different set of mental tools than the games we’ve previously mentioned. You need creativity, for sure, but you also need a strain that’s appropriate for a slower-paced storyline.

Think calm euphoria.

Blue Dream, one of the most beloved sativa-dominant hybrids in history, is an excellent choice for people who play games in order to decompress but still want to remain alert.

In all honesty, you can use this strain for any type of video game if your purpose is to relax. But for games like Starcraft, Civilization, and Final Fantasy, Blue Dream is a perfect fit.

What cannabis strains do you like to pair with video games? We want to hear what you think! Post your comments on our Essence Facebook page!

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