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5 Great Ways to Spend 4/20 in Las Vegas

April 20, the official holiday for cannabis lovers everywhere, is only a few weeks away.

Where are you going to spend it?

Hopefully, you’ll be spending it here. With us. In Las Vegas.

After all, Vegas is “the Entertainment Capital of the World!” Where else would you want to go to celebrate the high holy day of cannabis? Denver? Come on now…

And if you want to know how to make the most of your 4/20 time here in Vegas, here are five ideas, in no particular order…

1. Hit the Casinos and Use “420” as your Lucky Numbers

We can’t promise you’ll actually win anything doing this, but hey! It’s 4/20!

It can’t hurt, right?

So head to the nearest roulette table and place your bet on “4” and “20.” Do the same thing with keno!

Good luck!

2. Buffets, Buffets, Buffets!

Honestly, it feels like whoever invented the buffet either had an acute case of the munchies, or they were thinking about how best to serve people who have the munchies.

Either way, the buffet is the perfect solution to cannabis-induced hunger. So be sure to visit one! Here are some recommendations:

3. Ride the Slotzilla Zipline

If you’ve never ziplined over downtown Las Vegas while a bunch of tourists stare up at you in slack-jawed wonder, you’re missing out. The Slotzilla Zipline awaits!

That being said, if you’re scared of heights and/or are easily nauseated, you might want to sit this one out. But if you’re a born adventure-seeker or thrill-seeker, then the sky is, quite literally, the limit!

4. Go to the Movies and Watch Super Troopers 2

Sure, you could go see any number of entertainment shows, from Cirque Du Soleil to Cher to Criss Angel.

But keep in mind that Super Troopers 2 opens on 4/20!

The first Super Troopers opened back in 2001 and became a cult comedy classic, so we have high hopes for this long-awaited sequel. Meow is the time!

In fact, we’re having Super Troopers parties at all three of our locations. We’ll dress up in character, have a screening of the movie, give away tickets, and offer super specials! And that brings us to…

5. Visit Our Dispensary

You won’t get very far on 4/20 without stocking up on flower, edibles, and concentrates. So come stop by any of our three locations!

If you’re planning on spending most of the day on the Las Vegas Strip, our Strip location may be your best option. From there, you’ll have easy access to the north and south end of the Strip, downtown Las Vegas, the Arts District, and a bunch of cool restaurants and attractions.

One More Thing…

To celebrate 4/20, we’ll be having special deals every day of the month. Here’s a calendar to help you keep track of them all!

We hope to see you at our dispensaries! Have a Happy 4/20!

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