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6 Best High-CBD / Low-THC Cannabis Products in Las Vegas

Have you ever smoked cannabis…and then realized that you smoked too much?

Ever eaten an edible and bitten off more than you can chew…so to speak?

One minute, everything’s fine. The next minute, you’re huddled in the corner of your room, convinced that the DMV has your house under surveillance because you still haven’t paid your parking tickets.

An experience like that has the potential to turn you off of cannabis for good.

But you can relax. The DMV doesn’t even roll like that…as far we know.

Secondly, cannabis comes in different strengths. You don’t have to go with a product that has epic levels of THC in it.

Instead, you can use products that have high concentrations of the cannabinoid known as CBD (cannabidiol).

Why You Should Use High-CBD / Low-THC Products

It’s fair to say that CBD has many of the strengths of THC and none of the weaknesses.

Like THC, CBD can help relieve pain, inflammation, and stress.

Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning that you won’t feel intoxicated when you take it.

So if you’ve experienced negative reactions to THC in the past, high-CBD products are a good alternative.

But if you do want to experience some level of intoxication–just not so much!– you can still find products that contain both THC and CBD. With these types of products, the CBD acts as a counterweight to the negative side effects of THC

Figuring out the CBD-THC Ratio

When shopping for high-CBD / low-THC products, the first thing you want to look for — aside from the type of product it is (flower, concentrate, edible, etc.) — is the product’s CBD-THC ratio.

The CBD-THC ratio will tell how much CBD is in a product in relation to the THC.

For example, if a product has a 2:1 ratio, that means the product has twice as much CBD as it does THC.

If a product as a 10:1 ratio, then it has 10 times more CBD than THC.

So what’s the best CBD-THC ratio to use?

That totally depends on you, your physiology, and how you personally react to cannabis. If you need help figuring this out, speak with one of our dispensary consultants or schedule a complimentary consultation with our on-site registered nurse.

But in the meantime, here’s a list of what we consider to be the six best high-CBD / low-THC cannabis products currently available in Las Vegas.

1. ACDC (by Cannatonic)

ACDC is a sativa-dominant strain that’s definitely high-CBD. The strain we carry comes in at around 16% CBD, 1% THC, so the CBD-THC ratio is 16:1.

You’ll probably feel little to no psychoactive effect whatsoever. But you will feel very relaxed and clear-headed.

Patients find this strain to be useful in treating pain, inflammation, anxiety, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and the negative side effects of chemotherapy treatment.

2. Highly Edible CBD Pucks

While the effects from smoking or vaping flower usually peter out after a couple hours, you can get longer-lasting relief from an edible.

Some people find edibles challenging because the THC effects can feel overwhelming.

But that’s definitely not the case with Highly Edible CBD Pucks. These delicious, all-vegan, fruit-flavored gummies contain a CBD-THC ratio of 10:1 — 20 mg of CBD and 2 mg of THC.

In other words, you can enjoy that longer-lasting relief without worrying about your mind being overly affected.

3. Cannabella CBD Lemon Drops

Do you like Lemonheads? Then you’ll love Cannabella’s CBD Lemon Drops.

They’re larger than your standard lemon candies and have a light dusting of sugar on them. They also contain 8.6 mg of CBD per drop and no THC whatsoever.

Which means they don’t give off a typical cannabis odor and can be consumed discreetly. Great for treating stress and anxiety in social situations.

4. Select CBD Drops

Select CBD is a top-tier CBD company that makes, as you can imagine, top-tier CBD drops.

The drops contain no THC and can be applied sublingually (under your tongue), added to food and beverages, or you can use it as a topical.

We have two flavors available: Peppermint and Lemon Ginger. Both Peppermint and Lemon Ginger contain CBD oil and fractionated coconut oil.

But the Peppermint drops also contain:

  • Peppermint
  • Ashwaganda oil
  • Rhodiola oil

While the Lemon Ginger drops contain:

  • Lemon oil
  • Ginger oil
  • Tumeric oil

They’re ideally suited for daytime use, as they’ll give you a slightly energizing head buzz and increase your focus.

5. City Trees CBD Tinctures

City Trees also offers CBD tinctures but they’re distinguishable from Select CBD drops in one major way: they have tinctures that cover a variety of CBD-THC ratios (1:1, 10:1, and 20:1).

The 10:1 and 20:1 tinctures also contain MCT oil (MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides). City Trees claims that these beneficial fats are one of the “fastest sources of clean fuel for the body and brain” and can help improve one’s physical endurance, energy level, and nutrient absorption.

6. Canna Hemp Disposable Vape Pens

Finally, we have Canna Hemp’s disposable vape pens. Each pen has between 100-170 mg of CBD, depending on the flavor you choose. Ultimately, that comes to about 90 draws per pen.

They are also PG-, VG-, PEG-, & DEG-free.

In addition to being made with MCT oil, these vape pens also contain Canna Hemp’s trademarked “TerpFx” formula, which is a blend of different terpenes (terpenes are the aromatic compounds that give cannabis strains their distinct taste, smell, and effects).

The active terpenes included in Canna Hemp’s line of CBD vape pens are:

  • Eucalyptol
  • Linalool
  • b-Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Terpinolene
  • p-Cymene
  • cis-Nerolidol
  • trans-Nerolidol
  • b-Pinene
  • y-Terpinene
  • cis-Ocimene
  • a-Terpinene

Interested in picking up one of our high-CBD / low-THC products? Would you like to learn more about CBD in general?

Visit us at any of our three locations — Las Vegas Strip, Tropicana West, Henderson — and speak with our dispensary consultants for more information.

And if you want to place an order online for either pickup or delivery, visit this page and we’ll get you started!

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