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8 Best 420-Friendly Places in Las Vegas to Smoke Cannabis

Quick question: where do you go to smoke cannabis when you’re in Las Vegas?

If you’re a local, it’s easy. You can get blazed in the comfort of your own home or at a friend’s house. No biggie.

But if you’re a tourist?


Now the situation is a little dicier.

According to Nevada law, you can only smoke cannabis inside of a private residence. That excludes places like casinos, hotels, parked cars, or anyplace where you can be seen by other people.

What About Cannabis Consumption Lounges?

Consumption Lounges in Las Vegas

A cannabis consumption lounge is legal establishment where people can consume cannabis.

They already have them in Colorado and California, and now Nevada is chomping at the bit to get them too, as it would make life a lot easier for our canna-tourists.

Unfortunately, we’ve had some whiplash around the whole Las Vegas cannabis lounge issue.

The Las Vegas City Council passed an ordinance that would allow lounges to operate in the city, but there’s a new bill in the Nevada Assembly that might put that on hold until a Cannabis Compliance Board has been created.

The board would be responsible for creating regulations and policies for cannabis use throughout the state, which would also involve regulating consumption lounges.

In other words, we have a ways to go.

So where do you smoke until then?

Smoking in Secret?

Smoke in Secret

Many tourists (and locals for that matter) ignore the “no consuming in public” rule and just smoke discreetly. Stairwells in casinos. Alleys behind bars. Sometimes even out in full view of the public.

Here’s the problem though: if you’re caught, you could be slapped with a $600 fine.

Now here’s the good news:

If you’re a tourist who wants to settle down somewhere, kick up your feet, smoke a pre-roll, and not feel the least bit of anxiety about it, you have options.

Legal options.

Because of the ban against public smoking, a crop of 420-friendly hospitality listings have popped up. Local residents are renting out privates rooms as well as entire homes to tourists who want to visit Vegas and smoke in Vegas.

Even some motels are trying to meet this ever-growing need.

So we went ahead and searched around for the best 420-friendly rentals for Vegas cannabis smokers who just got into town but don’t know where to light up.

Here are the 8 best 420-friendly places in Las Vegas to smoke cannabis!

1. Colorful Casa

Colorful Casa

  • 2 bedroom (1 queen bed, 1 double bed)
  • Common space (2 couches)
  • 1 bathroom,
  • Accommodates 6 guests
  • Self check-in keypad

Amenities: kitchen, WiFi, free parking, laptop-friendly workspace, pool

Colorful Casa is hosted by Megan, a Las Vegas high school teacher who’s originally from San Diego.

Her house is managed by The Inkeep Elite, a local Airbnb Management Company, and they’ll be available to assist you during your visit.

A few disclaimers though:

  • No parties, loud music, or rowdy groups.
  • Smoking cannabis is okay as long as you don’t hotbox the entire house. Crack a window and let the air circulate.
  • Cigarette smoking is allowed, but only outside. No smoking inside the premises.

2. Artistic Master Suite Experience

  • 1 master bedroom (1 king-sized bed and 1 air mattress)
  • 5 baths
  • Accommodates 4 guests
  • Self check-in keypad

Amenities: kitchen, WiFi, free parking, laptop-friendly workspace

The Artistic Master Suite Experience comes to you, compliments of Ian and his private house over near West Warm Springs and Jones.

This Master Suite is a companion to…

3. Artistic and Cannabis Friendly Room

  • 1 bedroom (1 queen bed and 1 air mattress)
  • Common space (3 couches and 1 air mattress)
  • 5 shared baths
  • Accommodates 3 guests
  • Self check-in keypad

The Artistic and Cannabis Friendly Room is located in the same house as the listing above.

The house is located in an area that’s packed with restaurants and 24-hour shopping centers. It’s also just 8 minutes from the Strip.

The room is covered with futuristic 3D Neon Art, so if you’re looking to gain some inspiration and expand your mind, you’ve come to the right place.

Ian also offers to act as your personal guide to the city, and he can get you into the top night clubs and pool parties.

Some of the spaces are shared spaces, so be prepared for some noise and not a WHOLE lot of privacy.

But if you love meeting people who love smoking Mary Jane, this is a great, top-rate find!

4. 420 & Pet Friendly!

Susans 420 Pet Friendly studio

  • 1 studio
  • 2 beds
  • 1 bathroom
  • Accommodates 3 guests
  • Self check-in lockbox

Amenities: kitchen, WiFi desk/workspace, free parking, reading area, BBQ and patio area

Susan’s 420 & Pet Friendly studio has a Mediterranean feel to it, and it’s just 5 minutes from the Strip and the airport. If you book 5 nights, the 6th night is free.

You can smoke cannabis inside or outside on the patio area. Cigarette smoking is also allowed, but only outside. And of course, you can bring your pet!

5. The Gypsy Den

The Gypsy Den

  • 1 master bedroom
  • 2 beds (1 queen-sized bed and 1 air mattress)
  • 5 baths
  • Accommodates 4 guests

Amenities: TV with Netflix, Amazon TV, and HBO, pool, jacuzzi, free parking, private garage for vintage or luxury cars, free grocery delivery

The Gypsy Den is a hippie / bohemian-themed “mini-mansion-style” home that was built sometimes in the 1960s-70s. An Uber or Lyft will get you to the Strip for just $8-$11.

Bear and Lily are the hosts, and they’re totally okay with cannabis use inside the house and in the backyard.

The couple is very sociable and likes to interact with guests, whether that means having a meal with them or hanging out with them in the hot tub.

If you’re looking for lots of privacy and aren’t interested in making nice with the hosts, the Gypsy Den might not be the best fit for you. But if you’re sociable yourself, you’ll feel right at home with the overall vibe of the place.

6. Vegas Party Palace

Vegas Party Palace

  • 7 bedrooms
  • 12 beds (7 queens, 2 singles, 3 couches, and 2 floor mattresses)
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Accommodates 16+ guests
  • Self check-in keypad

Amenities: WiFi, pool, pool table, hot tub, hookah lounge, music tower, bar, putt-putt golf, 2 beer pong tables, BBQ grill, darts, TVs, Amazon Fire Stick, balcony, ping-pong table, printer, LED lights/lasers, poker/blackjack table, patio heaters, fire pit, free parking.

It’s called the Vegas Party Palace. If that doesn’t capture the spirit of the place, nothing will.

This epic listing is ideal for people in town for conventions, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and big family events.

Kids and pets are allowed.

So are house parties. Obviously.

7. The 420 Executive Experience

The 420 Executive Experience Bud Breakfast

  • 1 bedroom
  • 5 bathrooms
  • Accommodates: up to 2 guests

Amenities: kitchen, WiFi, breakfast, prepared meals, bud bar with complimentary cannabis (for real!), laZer club room (for dance parties), live-in caretaker, personal locks on room

The 420 Executive Experience is the priciest listing on our list, but for good reason.

They hook you up with coffee, breakfast, and a variety of snacks and beverages. They have a live-in caretaker who can help you with whatever you need. You get access to a “fully stocked” bud bar.

And they’re currently building a laser room where you can throw dance parties!

Other 420-Friendly Places in Las Vegas


All of the listings we recommended above came from Airbnb, simply because we were able to see the host’s track record, i.e. guest reviews.

But there are other sites where you can easily locate 420-friendly rentals. Check out the following links:


Bud and Breakfast

Cannabis Tours

420-Friendly Motel

The Desert Moon Motel
If you don’t want to stay in an actual house and prefer a plain ol’ motel, you have at least one option.

8. The Desert Moon Motel

  • 1 bedroom
  • Accommodates 2 guests

Amenities: air conditioning, kitchen, WiFi, cable, parking, TV, Internet, washer / dryer

The Desert Moon Motel has been around since 1945, and they recently performed major renovations on some of the rooms and the outside common spaces. You can smoke cannabis in their rooms, but no cigarettes.

Quick Tips on How to be a Good 420 House Guest

  • Confirm the smoking policy with the host ahead of time. Usually, they’ll tell you whether or not smoking is allowed inside or outside on the property. If you’re not certain what the rules are, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification.
  • Follow the rules. If they say, “No parties,” don’t throw a party. If they say, “No noise after 10 pm,” then don’t make loud noises after 10 pm. Whatever the rules, follow them as best you can.
  • Be polite. We’re fortunate to have locals who will rent their homes and rooms to visiting canna-tourists. Return the favor by being a cool and courteous houseguest.

And remember, if you need to stock up on cannabis, you can always visit us at one of our three locations — Las Vegas Strip, Tropicana West, and Henderson and one of our dispensary consultants will be able to assist you.

You can also place an order online for either pickup or delivery!

Enjoy your trip to Vegas!

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