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Top 7 Las Vegas Strains For Halloween 2018

Ready for Halloween? Already know what costume you’re wearing, what types of goodies you’ll be handing out, and what parties you’re going to?

Most importantly, do you know what cannabis strains you’ll be smoking?

Remember: it’s Halloween! You gotta stay true to the theme of the evening. And that means choosing some of the spookiest, spine-tingling-iest, most enjoyable strains that Vegas has to offer.

Here are the top seven Las Vegas strains for Halloween 2018!

1. White Widow

Everyone knows about the venomous black widow spider, but the white widow spider has a reputation all its own.

Same goes for the strain by the same name.

White Widow is a powerful hybrid with an impressive “bite” that puts its users into a state of calm serenity while providing them with a boost of energized creativity.

2. Ghost Train Haze

Even the undead need to get from Point A to Point B, especially on Halloween.

So take a ride with them on Ghost Train Haze, a multiple Cannabis Cup winner. This tropical-fruit tasting sativa will take you on a round trip to Euphoria Town, but a word of caution: too much Ghost Train Haze can make you a little anxious, so make sure you’re in a chill environment before you hop on board.

3. Tahoe Alien

Wishing you had an alien abduction story of your own?

Well, while you wait for your close encounter of the third kind, let Tahoe Alien tide you over in the meantime. Its green nugs, star-like crystals, and sativa-fueled energy burst will make you feel like you’re in a galaxy far, far away. Buckle your seatbelt and get ready. The truth is out there!

4. Durban Poison

Don’t let the name frighten you. Durban Poison is harmless…unless you don’t want to be the life of the Halloween party.

Because this sativa strain will clear away your mental fog and have you bobbing for apples, doing the Monster Mash, and happily cleaning up the mess left behind by your fellow party-goers. All in a night’s work!

5. Killer Tahoe OG

There’s an indica on the loose!

Name? Killer Tahoe OG!

Weapon of choice? Supreme relaxation!

Favorite victim?Insomnia!

Killer Tahoe OG acts fast, hits heavy, and takes no prisoners. Consider yourself warned…and lucky if you happen to have this strain on hand!

6. Venom OG

In 2016, Venom OG took home the High Times Cannabis Cup for Strongest Strain, largely because it delivers a powerful body sedation effect.

But while the venom may render your body immovable, your mind will be slightly uplifted, ready for whatever Halloween thrills await. Great for watching scary movies!

7. Hell’s OG

Our list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the place “down under.”

No, not Australia. The other “down under.”

And if your Halloween night was so terrifying that you feel like you’ve literally been through hell, there’s only one solution: Hell’s OG. It’s sweet, delicious, and ideal for putting the terrors of the night behind you so that you can drift off into blissful oblivion.

Bye, pain. Bye, stress. Bye, anxiety. They may call it “Hell’s OG,” but it feels like pure heaven.

Hope you enjoyed our list of the top seven Las Vegas strains for Halloween 2018. Come visit us at any of our three locations to check out these strains and more!

Happy Halloween!!!

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