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Visiting Nevada? You Can Purchase Medical Marijuana Here!

Did you know that is possible for out of state residents to buy medical marijuana in Las Vegas?

When you are suffering from pain, anxiety, cancer and other ailments, medical marijuana is oftentimes the only thing that brings true relief.  This is all fine and dandy if you live in a state that understands the benefits of cannabis but when you find yourself in a position where you have to travel out of state, it can be tough to continue your treatment.

If you’re visiting Nevada (Vegas maybe?) – when it comes to the medical marijuana programs – it is one of the few states that recognizes reciprocity. In other words, you can continue your medical marijuana program confidently here – provided you meet the following conditions:

  • Your medical marijuana card must be issued by your home state and have a valid expiration date
  • The law in your home state must protect medical marijuana card holders from criminal prosecution for using cannabis as a form of treatment
  • Before you receive your medical marijuana card, your home state must make it a requirement that you discuss the benefits of cannabis for medical purposes with a qualified physician.
  • Nevada authorities must be able to verify your status easily on the database of registered users

It is also important to note that the possession laws vary from state to state. Thus, you must to do your research before you visit to ensure that you are in compliance with all Nevada medical marijuana possession laws.

Residents of Nevada Can Legally Buy Medical Marijuana in Rhode Island and Michigan

Although it is changing day by day, there are still a number of states that don’t recognize medical marijuana as a legitimate form of treatment. Thus, Nevada residents often find it hard to get their treatment when they travel out of state.

What’s more? Many of the states that DO recognize the benefits of cannabis for medical purposes will also deny visitors their treatment. But, there are three states – Rhode Island, Michigan, and Nevada – where this is not an issue. If you have a valid medical marijuana card, it’s possible to get your treatment from approved dispensaries. It is also worth noting that the medical marijuana laws are different in each of these states, so before you visit, it’s recommended that you do your due diligence to ensure that you remain within legal limits and any other requirements.

For more information about the medical marijuana laws for each state, check out Americans for Safe Access. This site is an excellent place to get up-to-the-minute news on the ever-changing medical marijuana laws.

As of right now, reciprocity (or lack thereof) is one of the biggest issues that many medical marijuana users have to face. But, there is good news – more states are jumping on the medical marijuana bandwagon and are creating laws that legalize its distribution. If the current trend continues, we can expect that the view of medical marijuana will change for the better. As a result, it may soon be legal in many more states.

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