Essence Cannabis Dispensary offers a wide selection of edible products. But if you have specific dietary needs, or you just happen to really enjoy the cooking process, you can make your own edibles.


Here are some of the advantages of cooking with cannabis:

  • You prepare any type of edible food or meal that you want.
  • You can use any type of cannabis strain that you want – sativa, indica, or hybrid.
  • You can make each edible dose as powerful or as mild as you see fit.

Generally speaking, THC — the active ingredient in cannabis — is fat-soluble, which means it will dissolve when cooked in a fat or an oil. You can cook cannabis in products like milk, butter, or coconut oil, and they will absorb the THC.

However, THC is not very water-soluble. You can’t boil or simmer cannabis in a pot of water and expect the water to absorb enough THC for you to feel the effects when you consume it.

If you’re interested in learning how to cook with cannabis, check out these recipes that we’ve included in our knowledgebase.

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