Desert Grown Farms

Desert Grown Farms is “vertically integrated” with the Essence brand.

What does “vertically integrated” mean?

It’s a fancy business term that means Desert Grown Farms (DGF) is our very own in-house cultivator.

Desert Grown Farms (DGF) is “vertically integrated” with the Essence brand, which means DGF is our very own in-house cultivator.

This arrangement allows Essence to give immediate feedback to DGF regarding the quality of new strains so that they can remove genetic lines that aren’t up to snuff before they go to full harvest.

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DGF DesertgrownCookies
DGF DesertGrownGlue4
Desert Grown Farms Kosher Kush
DGF Mojito 1
Desert Grown Farms OG Story 1
Desert Grown Farms Venom OG
The Facility Grape Stomper
Blue Frost
Blueberry muffin
Hendo Cream
DGF Zelda 1
Grape Stomper OG
Karma OG
Lemon Meringue
Lil' Blue
Neon LIght
Purple Cotton
Tahoe Alien
White OG
X rated OG

What You Need to Know About Desert Grown Farms

DGF was created in 2016 and operates out of a 54,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art, pharmaceutical-grade cultivation facility. It’s located two blocks from the Las Vegas Strip and generate 7500 pounds of flower and 1500 pounds of trim a year.

The DGF genetic library contains over 100 new strains with 25 strains in continual rotation. They use a computerized cultivation system that controls temperature, humidity, and air circulation, purifies water, mixes it with plant nutrients, and dispenses that mixture to the plants.

This helps DGF create high-quality, unforgettable strains with amazing flavors and powerful effects.

Some of DGF’s most popular strains include:


Cookie Face


The Homie’s Choice

Hendo Cream

Jack Herer

Cactus OG

Blue Frost

Fluffhead Kush

Lemon Meringue #2

Black Afghan

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