[es·sence] n.

A substance considered to possess in high degree the predominant qualities of a natural product.


Medical Marijuana

Premier Las Vegas Dispensary

Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Dispenseries Near You For Residents and Visitors Alike


Las Vegas Dispensary
Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Why Essence

  • Best Prices
  • 3 Convenient Locations
  • On-site Registered Nurse
  • Service Focused
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Cultivation Facility
  • Highest Quality Medicine
  • Only Strip Location
  • Professional Staff
  • Trust & Credibility

Essence provides the largest variety of superior quality products combined with unmatched service and experience aimed toward restoring individual health and happiness.

You will be very impressed with this location and the super cool folks who work here.  I think these people went to weed college in Amsterdam or something with their vast knowledge and on-point recommendations.  Hit up the pre-roll specials for that nostalgic joint puffin experience!

Scottyboy N.Location: The Strip

The customer service was wonderful. If they didn’t have an answer for my (many) questions, they found out the correct answer instead of faking it. The main reason I really appreciate Essence, because they have the best coconut macaroons I’ve ever tasted, the best edible ever!

Melanie V.Location: Tropicana West

Visited this very comfortable, professional, and well stocked medical marijuana dispensery for the first time today. Staff knowledgeable  and well educated !  Nice location for the business.  Will be back soon, especially with the 420 specials for the month of April !

Tuesday B.Location: Henderson

This dispensary  is open. where I went  in very great staff Vincent tiffany  and the manager David  and the staff made  Me feel  comfortable great medicines  great flat rate  prices that makes me feel even  better I’m gonna  try the cbd strains  next plus the  shatter.

John A.Location: The Strip

Upon arriving at the Essence Cannabis Dispensary I was greeted warmly, by the receptionists. Once I completed the check in, I was directed to the interior where the various cannabis items were on display.  I was once more greeted by Sonja & Allisa. They were very professional, knowledgeable and accommodating to my needs.  I had a very nice experience. Looking forward to shopping there in the future.

Katheryn B.Location: Henderson

I experienced great customer service from a the time I open the door…concierge always remembers my name and face. Tenders are very helpful and they share their thoughts openly. This is the only Essence that offers discounts too…I think. This site also offers an amazing selection of edibles!

Trisha T.Location: Tropicana West


Las Vegas Marijuana Dispensary

At Essence, our number one focus is the well-being of our  patients

We aim to provide an unmatched level of service and the highest quality, all-natural medical marijuana available in Nevada that is unsurpassed in taste and therapeutic qualities.

Safe Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Entirely Safe

Confidential MMJ records


Legal medical marijuana

100% Legal

Essence Blog


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Essence Blog


Mexico’s New Direction In Terms of Cannabis Policy

Attendees of The UN Drug Policy Summit held in New York on April…