Las Vegas Strip Welcomes Essence of Cannabis 11 May, 2016


Las Vegas Strip Welcomes Essence of Cannabis

The famous Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, welcomed the first medical marijuana dispensary on March 23, 2016. The Essence of Cannabis Dispensary is found between the Stratosphere and the SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino resorts. Nevada legalized medical marijuana in 2000 but did not provide a way for patients to purchase their marijuana legally until August 2015. Since then, other dispensaries have opened, but Essence of Cannabis is the first to open on the Las Vegas Strip. Since card holders from other states have permission to purchase and consume medical marijuana products in Nevada, Armen Yemenidjian’s dispensary site has been predicted to do well.

Yemenidijan believes his shop will serve 70-80 percent of out-of-state visitors on the Strip. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority reported 42 million people visited Las Vegas in 2015. The Essence of Cannabis offers products for a variety of medical conditions in a multitude of forms. The dispensary even has a registered nurse on staff for free consultations.

The medical marijuana dispensary, on the Las Vegas Strip, intends to grow a 55,000-square-foot pot farm less than a mile from the store’s location. The cultivation center will be computer-controlled and, by the end of the year, will have 35,000 plants blooming at one time. Yemenidijan plans to open up the center for tours. The marijuana growing facility is one of the most innovative in the United States, according to the LA Times.

The opening of the Essence of Cannabis on the Vegas Strip will be the second one opened in March and the third overall. The other two dispensaries are in Henderson and West Las Vegas. The dispensary on the Strip is located at 2307 Las Vegas Boulevard. It is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. PT, to those with medical cards from any state.

The dispensary boasts the “largest variety of superior quality products.” The cannabis products offered include edibles, oils, creams, and every item is all-natural. The staff at Essence of Cannabis includes experienced people and a registered nurse, ensuring the medical marijuana patient is able to find the right strain as well as delivery method for health and happiness. This is the only medical marijuana dispensary in Nevada that has a registered nurse on site. Even though the dispensary has only been open a short while, it has already garnered a number of positive reviews on

One customer was impressed with the discretion of the set-up and convenience of two check-in windows for assistance. The reviews continued, stating that the bud tenders are kind and knowledgeable, with positive energy that created a memorable experience for the patient. The dispensary team works together both inside the dispensary and out, utilizing support from their other two stores.

Another review posted on Leafly said the experience was great. The bud was incredible and prices were “the best in town!” Essence of Cannabis truly does have a wide variety and large selection of medicinal items to choose from. The patient consultant was excellent when it came to helping the customer find the right product.

Yemenidjian says his employees have two weeks of training before beginning their job at the dispensary. The first couple days consist of learning compassionate care, service excellence, and culture. He wants to be sure that when a patient comes into his store, the consultants are educated enough to help them appropriately.

The reviews specific to the Essence of Cannabis on the Las Vegas Strip referred to employees by name and customers gave their experiences four stars. All of the customers who left a review have promised to return. As much as customers remembered the names of the medical cannabis experts, returning customers were impressed that the employees remembered them. One customer’s review stated the store on the Las Vegas Strip did not have a specific cartridge, but the staff called their other stores and found it before sending the customer to another site.

This dispensary marks the 16th medical marijuana facility to open in Southern Nevada. However, it is the only one to have a registered nurse on staff. Las Vegas Now says, Essence of Cannabis “looks more like a high-end jewelry store than a place that sells medical marijuana.”