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4 Ways to Enjoy Nevada Day

October 26 is Nevada Day – the day we celebrate our fair state becoming a part of the United States (the exact date was October 31,1864).

So while the rest of the country is celebrating Halloween, we’re doing both the Halloween thing and the Our-State-Joined-The-Union-So-Everybody-Gets-The-Day-Off thing!

Well, not everybody. We’ll still be working that day. But your kids will definitely have the day off. And so will you if you’re lucky!

And if you can snag that time off, and you REALLY want to get into the spirit of the Battle Born State, here are four ways to enjoy Nevada Day 2018!

1. Stock Up on Cannabis

Okay, okay! We know how self-serving that sounds! As if cannabis has anything to do with Nevada Day…

Just hear us out.

According to the Nevada Day website, this year’s theme is “A State of Economic Diversity.” It’s meant to highlight the wide range of industries that make up the Nevada economy. Obviously, things like tourism, entertainment, renewable energy, and technology made their list.

You know what else made the list?

That’s right. Cannabis.

So get into the Nevada Day spirit and contribute to our state’s economy. Stock up on cannabis and then hit the road for Carson City so that you can…

2. Go to the Nevada Day Parade

Saturday, October 27, 10:00 am

Most of the official Nevada Day events take place in Carson City, our state capitol.

The Nevada Day Parade starts at 10:00 am. A military flight-over will signal the start of the parade, and there will be marching bands, floats, equestrian groups, burning man art cars, and more!

3. Participate in the Nevada Day Classic Run / Walk

Saturday, October 27, 8:00 am

If you’re an early riser who likes to exercise and loves dogs, the Nevada Day Classic is for you.

You can either do the 8K run or 2-mile run / walk, both of which take you through Carson City’s historic district.

Hosted by the Tahoe Mountain Milers, the classic starts at 8 am, and all net proceeds go to Guide Dogs for the Blind.

And apparently, costumes are not only encouraged, but there’s a prize that goes to the best ones!

4. Visit Lake Tahoe

Whether you’re in Carson City or you’re just about to leave it, you can’t NOT stop at Lake Tahoe.

This massive freshwater lake, which sits right on the border between Nevada and California, is a must-see tourist destination.

The lake is gorgeous, and it’s surrounded by an equally eye-popping forest and mountain range – the Sierra Nevada mountains, no less! If you’re a nature enthusiast or just like being outdoors, you’d be crazy to pass up this opportunity.

A word of warning: while you’re visiting Lake Tahoe, don’t cross the California / Nevada border with your cannabis; it’s against the law!

Check out the Nevada Day website for more information about Nevada Day events, and be sure to use your cannabis responsibly while you travel.

Happy Nevada Day!

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