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How Long Does Cannabis Stay In Your Body?

You have a drug test coming up next week, and you’re sweating buckets.

(Too bad you can’t just sweat all the cannabis out of your body. At the rate you’re going, you’d be home free).

“How long does cannabis stay in your body anyways? It’s just a few days, right?”


It’s Really Hard to Say How Long Cannabis Stays In Your Body

Here’s the problem: it depends on the individual. A lot of factors can determine whether or not a person will test positive for cannabis use. Factors like

  • How often you smoke
  • The amount you smoke / % of THC in your cannabis
  • Your age, weight, and metabolism
  • How often you exercise
  • The type of test being used

What Drug Testers are Looking For

THC, the chemical compound responsible for the “high” feeling you get when you smoke marijuana, actually moves through your body very quickly.

THC is present in your blood after consumption, which is why police officers rely on blood tests after a car accident in order to see whether or not you were intoxicated at the time of the crash.

But urine and hair tests work differently.

These tests aren’t looking for the presence of THC. They’re looking for a THC metabolite – a waste product of THC called THC-COOH.

This metabolite can stay in your system a lot longer than THC, and that’s why these kinds of tests are used to see if someone is a regular cannabis user.

Here’s How Long Cannabis Stays in Your Blood

Single use: 1-2 days

Regular use – up to 7 days

Here’s How Long Cannabis Stays in Your Urine

(Compliments of High Times)

Single use: 5-8 days
2-4 times per week: 11-18 days
5-6 times per week: 33-48 days
Daily use for 50-65 days – up to 77 days

Here’s How Long Cannabis Will Stay In Your Hair

Cannabis remains in your hair longer than it does in any other part of your body.

If you’ve only used cannabis once or occassionally, you should be okay. But if you’re a regular cannabis user, you’re looking at a 90-day detection window.

And don’t think that just because you have short hair or you’re bald, you can get out of a hair test. Testers have been known to take hair from other parts of the body, like your armpits, in order to get the sample they need.

This Is Why We Need Federal Cannabis Reform

The latest Gallup poll shows that a majority of Americans favor the legalization of cannabis, and that marijuana’s popularity transcends party lines.

The verdict is in. Medical patients and recreational customers should be protected from losing their jobs and federal benefits because they used a substance less dangerous than alcohol. Reform needs to take place on the federal level.

Have you ever had to submit to a drug test while you were using cannabis? Did you test positive or negative? Share your stories with us on the Essence Facebook page.

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What You Need to Know About Cannabis For Pets

Meet Kona.

She’s a 13-year-old Dutch shepherd mix suffering from red, itchy skin due to seasonal allergies.

Kona’s discomfort was keeping her up at night, and she in turn was keeping her owner Bea Adams up at night too.

Bea took Kona to their veterinarian, who recommended Therabis, a CBD-based medical cannabis product made specifically for dogs.

After three days on Therabis, Kona’s itching stopped completely and her skin cleared up, according to her owner.

Cannabis For Pets? Seriously?

If you think of yourself as a responsible pet owner, feeding cannabis to your dog or cat might seem…irresponsible at best.

But let’s just put aside the stigma that is often attached to cannabis for one moment and focus on this simple fact: cannabis is a medicinal plant. It’s been used to treat illnesses for thousands of years.

Animals get sick just like people do. In fact, here’s a short list of illnesses that affect animals and humans alike:

  • Cancer
  • Seizures
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Chronic pain

And because animals get sick, they sometimes need medicine to help them get better…just like people do.

Why You Might Consider CBD For Your Pet

After consulting with a doctor, some people opt to treat their illnesses with medical cannabis instead of standard prescription drugs because they want to avoid the negative side effects that come with those drugs.

People are giving medical cannabis to their sick pets for the same reason.

Take Miles, for example. He was a 12-year-old Labrador Retriever mix diagnosed with terminal cancer. He was given two months to live and a prescription for the painkiller tramadol.

While he was taking the tramadol, Miles’s activity level plummeted. Zero energy. He’d go to sleep right after taking the medicine.

So his owner Denise started giving him medical cannabis designed for dogs.

Miles’s energy and appetite returned. His vomiting stop. Denise could actually take him to the beach, where he had no problem running around and playing.

Denise says that CBD helped Miles go back to being his old self again.

That phrase comes up a lot in these anecdotal stories where the owner switches from prescription drugs to medical cannabis: “My pet was back to his/her old self again.”

Isn’t that what medicine is supposed to do?

How Cannabis for Pets is Different From Cannabis for People

Cannabis contains the two most well-known cannabinoids (chemical compounds in the marijuana plant that are responsible for its medical benefits). Those cannabinoids are

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)

THC is what makes us feel “high.” CBD, on the other hand, is non-psychoactive but still has plenty of health benefits such as pain relief, anti-inflammation, anti-seizure, and more.

Medical cannabis products that are made for pets are based solely on CBD. They usually contain either zero or trace amounts of THC, so you don’t have to worry about your pet getting intoxicated.

Can Veterinarians Prescribe Cannabis for Pets?

Unfortunately, no. Because cannabis is still illegal under federal law, any veterinarian who prescribes or recommends it could risk losing their license.

However, a veterinarian may be able to provide you with basic information on the effectiveness of cannabis for pets. They can also alert you to any possible risks your pet may face.

That’s why it’s important to notify your veterinarian if you’re planning on treating your pet’s illness with medical marijuana. You want your vet to be able to monitor your pet’s progress!

Can You Give Regular Cannabis Products to Your Pet?

Absolutely not! Regular cannabis products are toxic to animals, especially products with high concentrations of THC.

There are already too many sad tales of pets winding up in the hospital because they discovered their owners’ weed stash and ate it all. Don’t let that happen to your pet.

If you want to treat your pet with medical cannabis, buy CBD products that are specifically made for animals.

And remember: some products are made for animals of different sizes, so be sure to check the packaging before making your purchase. It should tell you what the animal’s weight requirement is.

Where Can You Purchase CBD For Pets?

Essence Cannabis Dispensary offers CBD products for pets! Here’s a little bit of info on some of the brands we carry:


Developed by veterinarian Stephen Katz, Therabis features several hemp-derived CBD products for dogs that come in the form of sachets (single-serve packets) and daily supplement treats.


We’ve talked a lot about dogs in this post, but felines can also benefit from CBD as well! CannaPaws currently offers Hemp CBD tinctures that can be used to treat both dogs and cats. The amount of drops you’ll use will depend on the size of your pet.


The bulk of Cannabella’s products are made for humans, but they’re also giving love to all the dogs out there in the form of their Canna Canine Premium CBD Treats. In addition to CBD, the treat also contains peanut butter, whole wheat flour, oats, chicken broth, and olive oil.

National Love Your Pet Day!

February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day! (We know you didn’t forget; we’re just reminding all the other people out there…)

So what do you get the pet who has everything?

Well, if they’re suffering from ill health or allergies, medical cannabis might be a good place to start.

Talk with your veterinarian and our dispensary consultants for more information. See if CBD can do for your pet what it did for Kona and Miles – help them go back to being their old self again.

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Cannabis for Newbies: What You Need to Know

Since you’ve decided to read a blog post titled “Cannabis for Newbies,” we’re guessing that you…

  • …are interested in using cannabis but don’t know where to start.
  • …feel like you’re too far behind the curve to get started.
  • …get intimidated by dispensary menus because you don’t know any of the jargon used to describe the products.

So we’ve put together this quick guide to help you go from cannabis “newbie” to cannabis “knowbie!”

Let’s begin with the basics.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Use Cannabis?

Under Nevada law, you must be 21 years of age or older to purchase recreational cannabis.

If you have an illness that qualifies you for medical cannabis use, then you only need to be 18 years old, although minors can qualify for medical cannabis under certain conditions.

How Much Cannabis Can You Buy?

You can buy up to 1 ounce of cannabis per day.

Where Can You Consume Cannabis?

In Nevada, you can only consume cannabis inside of a private residence. Hotels, casinos, parked cars, city parks, sidewalks, or any place where you’re visible to the public is off-limits.

How Do You Consume Cannabis?

There’s lots of ways, and we’ll cover the four major consumption methods in an upcoming post. 4 Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

But the easiest way to smoke cannabis if you don’t have any accessories, equipment, or experience is to buy a pre-rolled joint (available here).

Pre-rolls are a perfect introduction for people new to cannabis because

  • the dosage is easy to control
  • you don’t have learn how to roll a joint right off the bat
  • you don’t need a pipe or any other accessory.

All you need is the pre-roll and a lighter, and you’re good to go!

A Short Glossary of Cannabis Terms

Bong – a large water pipe used for smoking cannabis.

Blunt – a cannabis “cigar” made with tobacco paper.

Cannabinoids – chemical compounds in the marijuana plant that are responsble for most of marijuana’s medicinal and psychoactive effects.

CBD (cannabidiol) – a non-psychoactive cannabinoid (it doesn’t make you feel “high”). Known for its pain-relieving, anti-anxiety, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Concentrate – a product, such as an oil, which contains cannabis extract. Usually offers a more potent high than regular flower.

Edibles – food items, such as brownies, candies, or drinks, that contain cannabis.

Hybrid – one of the three major types of cannabis. Contains a blend of sativa and indica properties.

Indica – one of the three major types of cannabis. Known for its relaxing, “body-based” high.

Joint – a hand-rolled cannabis cigarette.

Pre-Roll – a joint that’s already been rolled and is available for purchase at a dispensary.

Rolling Papers – small, thin papers used to roll joints.

Sativa – one of the three major types of cannabis. Known for its energizing, “head-based” high.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – a psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for the high feeling you get when you consume cannabis. Also an effective pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.

Terpenes – chemical compounds that give cannabis its aroma and flavor. They also have medicinal properties.

Topicals – cannabis products that are applied directly to the skin such as lotions, oils, and salves.

Vaporizing – the act of heating cannabis flower or concentrate until the cannabinoids are released in vapor form.

We’ll publish more newbie-friendly posts in the future, but if you have any questions, visit our menu pages where you can live chat with a dispensary staff member. Or just give us a call at (702) 500-1714.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Cannabis and Studying

The certification exam is next week. Then you’ve got a presentation to give two weeks from Friday. There’s about eight different books you’ve got to skim through so that you can prepare, and you’ve got 30+ tabs open on your browser.

Luckily, you didn’t wait until the last minute to start studying (not like those other times).

No, you decided to get a jump on things well in advance because you have a secret weapon. One that will help you stay focused, cool, and calm.

It’s that bag of Jack Herer you’ve got sitting on the corner of your desk.

But is cannabis and studying a good mix? Or was Nancy Reagan right when she said, “Just say ‘no’?

Cannabis May Help Improve Focus

For people with ADHD/ADD, maintaining one’s focus can be a challenge. Prescription drugs like Ritalin and Adderall are commonly prescribed.

Cannabis researcher Dr. David Bearman believes that cannabis may have therapeutic value for people suffering from ADHD/ADD.

Why? One of the hallmarks of ADHD/ADD is that the brain produces lower levels of dopamine. Dopamine helps us focus.

Prescription drugs like Ritalin can boost a patient’s dopamine levels, but they also come with unpleasant side effects and potential withdrawal symptoms.

Cannabis helps boost your dopamine levels, meaning it could be used as a treatment for  ADHD/ADD. Or it can be used to help anyone struggling to find focus.

Cannabis Can Relieve Anxiety

Studying can be stressful, especially when you have a lot riding on the test outcome. Between the anxiety and the negative self-talk, you might end up psyching yourself out and performing poorly when the big day finally arrives.

Now…we didn’t say all that to stress you out even more! We want the opposite.

We want you to relax.

And if you need help relaxing, a cannabis product that’s CBD-dominant might be just what you need.

CBD is an effective anxiety reliever, and because it’s non-psychoactive, you don’t have to worry about getting too loopy while you work.

Harvard Study Finds That Smoking Cannabis Improves Brain Function.

Pretty incredible, right?

Hey, we didn’t say it. Harvard did! You can check out the article here, but to summarize:

  • The study found that after three months of using medical marijuana, patients saw an improvement in their performance of cognitive tasks.
  • The study also found that patients enjoyed an improvement in their diagnosed condition, sleep, overall health, and decrease in the use of standard prescription drugs, especially opiates.

Tips For Combining Cannabis and Study

  • If you’re going to combine cannabis and studying, do it under low-risk conditions. Don’t use it to cram the night before. Try it 1-2 weeks before the test so you have time to determine whether or not it’s helping you.
  • As for strains, try sativas, hybrids, or high-CBD.
  • If you’re under the age of 21, do not use cannabis unless you’ve already been approved by a licensed physician and have a medical marijuana card.

Have you ever used cannabis to study? Did it help or hinder your performance? Share your comments with us on the Essence Facebook page!


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4 Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

If you’re a cannabis newbie, you may only be familiar with one – maybe two – ways to consume cannabis.

It’s time to expand your horizons!

There are actually four major ways to get cannabis into your system, and knowing what they are isn’t just useful trivia. Depending on your health, living circumstances, and/or personal preferences, one of these methods might work a lot better for you than the others.

Here they are!

1. Smoking

The most well-known method of cannabis consumption!

You can smoke marijuana using a joint, pipe, bong, or – if you’re really creative – an empty beer can or even an apple!

ADVANTAGES: Effects are nearly instantaneous. Easy to control the dosage.

DISADVANTAGES: You’re inhaling smoke into your lungs. Also, if you’re using cannabis to treat chronic pain, you’ll need to take a dose about every 1-3 hours in order to continue getting relief.

2. Vaporizing

Vaporizing isn’t just for Martians with ray guns. It’s also a great way to inhale cannabis without all the smoke.

A cannabis vaporizer is a device that heats the cannabis flower or oil to a temperature below the burning point, causing the cannabinoids to be released in vapor form. You inhale this vapor just as you would smoke.

You can invest in a desktop vaporizer for home use, or you can get a portable vape pen.

ADVANTAGES: Same advantages as smoking but with no harsh smoke going into your lungs.

DISADVANTAGES: Like smoking, you may need to dose every 1-3 hours to treat chronic pain. Also, sometimes the oil in disposable vape pen cartridges can thicken and clog up your pen. But a pen battery that allows you to heat up the oil inside for a few seconds can help solve this problem.

3. Edibles

Who doesn’t like cookies, brownies, and candy?

Now infuse those same treats with cannabis and you have a sure-fire way to ingest the Green Queen without involving your lungs at all. You can make your own cannabis-infused meals, or you can purchase ready-to-eat edible products.

ADVANTAGES: They’re delicious. More intense, deeply felt high. Can last up to 6 hours.

DISADVANTAGES: Usually takes up to 30 minutes to two hours to kick in, depending on your metabolism. It also might take some practice measuring and dividing up each dose, depending on how the product is made.

4. Topicals

The skin is the human body’s largest organ, and it can absorb things like sunlight, oxygen, suntan lotion…

Speaking of lotion, have you ever tried putting cannabis on your skin? Because you totally can!

Topicals cover a wide range of cannabis skin application products that come in the form of lotions, salves, oils, and balms.

ADVANTAGE:  They can be used to directly treat damaged skin, sore muscles, and joint pain. Plus, the THC won’t enter your bloodstream, so you won’t get high.

DISADVANTAGE: Like we said, you won’t get high. 😉 On a serious note, some topicals do smell like cannabis, especially if they’re homemade. If that’s an issue for you, you may want to stay at home after applying them.

What’s your favorite way of consuming cannabis? Smoking? Vaping? Edibles? Topicals? Some other method we didn’t list? Share your comments on the Essence Facebook page!

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5 Ways to Have a Cannabis-Themed Valentine’s Day

You love each other…and you both love cannabis.

In fact, your mutual love for cannabis AND for one another is so strong that it would be weird to NOT have a cannabis-themed Valentine’s Day!

Don’t be weird. Make cannabis a part of your Valentine’s Day this year. Here’s 5 ways to do it!

1. Serve Breakfast in Bed – With Edibles!

You gotta start the day off right.


And since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you should surprise your sweetheart with a breakfast in bed they’re sure to remember.

Make some canna-butter the night before, and armed with that, you can whip up just about anything from eggs and toast to strawberry waffles.

Or make both. It’s Valentine’s Day. You can eat whatever you want.

2. Smoke a Bowl and Go on a Nature Stroll

Cannabis can help us feel more connected to other people and to our surrounding environment.

Make the most of that by spending some time with your partner in a natural setting, where you’re getting sun and fresh air.

Here in Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful place to hike, but you don’t even have to trek out that far. Just taking a walk through your local park can be worthwhile.

Besides, studies show that couples who walk together can improve their relationship. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to test that out!

Just be sure not to drive anywhere while intoxicated. Use a rideshare service or just stick to two-legged forms of transportation.

3. Fill a Heart-Shaped Box With Cannabis

Step 1: Buy a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Step 2: Take all the chocolates out but leave behind the little wrappers.

Step 3: Place nuggets of cannabis flower and small chocolate and caramel edibles inside each wrapper.

Step 4: Close the box.

Step 5: Give the box to your loved one.

Step 6: Congratulate yourself. You just crushed Valentine’s Day.

4. Watch a Romantic Movie (Here are Three Suggestions)

Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay is a cannabis-fueled comedy classic that’s got a great romantic storyline in it (Kumar tries to win back his ex-girlfriend – the woman who first introduced him to marijuana).

If you want a more even mix of comedy, romance and melodrama, Moulin Rouge! is a spectacle-laden jukebox musical set in turn-of-the-century Paris. It borders on the psychedelic at times, which marijuana lovers will love.

Literally any movie that you already enjoy. Cannabis will just make it better.

5. Canna-Sex

In an earlier post, we talked about how cannabis can be used as an aphrodisiac.

Need we say more?

Okay, we’ll say ONE more thing…

Don’t forget to enter our Valentine’s Day #EssenceofLove contest which begins on February 5 for a chance to win free prizes! Here are the deets:

Log on to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and tag 3 people who bring love and happiness to your life, using the hashtag #EssenceofLove.

A handful of lucky participants will win our Ultimate Lovers Prize Basket with some of our favorite products!

REMEMBER: Every 3 tags will be counted as 1 entry. The more tags you have, the better your chances.

Contest ends midnight of February 13. Winners will be announced February 14th.

Good luck, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Can Cannabis Help You Sleep?


That’s what you’ve just screamed into your pillow, after hours of tossing and turning.

Unfortunately, your pillow doesn’t have much to say on the topic, so you turn to Google and discover all kinds of reasons why people get insomnia. Reasons like:

  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety/depression
  • A medical condition such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s
  • Sleep apnea
  • Restless leg syndrome

Okay, great. You think you know why you might have insomnia (and you confirm that with your doctor because diagnosing yourself via Google is never a good idea), but now you need to figure out what to do about it.

There are audio sleep programs you can listen to or herbal remedies you can try. But what if you need something that really packs a punch?

Prescription sleep drugs might seem tempting, but they usually come with a bevy of unpleasant side effects.

Of course…there’s also cannabis.

Many medical patients use cannabis to treat their insomnia, enabling them to get the nighttime rest they so desperately need.

And even though cannabis has side effects of its own, it’s not nearly as toxic as some of the more common prescription drug options.

What You Should Know About Using Cannabis For Sleep

You need the right strain

Specifically, you want an indica-dominant strain, which will give you a deep, relaxing body high, otherwise known as the “couch lock” effect.

Avoid the sativa-dominant strains. They’ll boost your energy and may put your mind into overdrive, which is the opposite of what you need when you’re trying to sleep.

If You Don’t Want to Get “High,” try CBD

THC is one of the two most popular cannabinoids in the marijuana plant.

THC, in particular, is psychoactive, which means it’s responsible for the “high” feeling you get when you consume marijuana.

But the other popular cannabinoid is cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is non-psychoactive, but it still has potent medicinal properties. It can be used as an anxiety reliever, and it can also treat insomnia.

Use Edibles For a Longer, Uninterrupted Sleep

Edibles can be a great option for people who have trouble sleeping straight through the night.

They don’t affect you as quickly as smoked or vaporized cannabis. An edible can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to kick in.

But once the edible starts working, you’ll get a much deeper high that will usually last for several hours – far longer than if you smoked/vaporized it.

Recommended Cannabis Strains for Sleep

Black Afghan

Black Afghan is a favorite among patients and recreational users who are in need of some shut-eye. Great for insomnia, anxiety, and pain.

The availability of this strain varies, so contact us to make sure we have it in stock!

Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush won “Best Indica” in the 2010 and 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup as well as “Best Strain” in the 2011 Cup. Forget about couch lock. You’re more likely to dissolve into your couch with this one!

Do you use cannabis before bedtime? Is there a strain you want to recommend to other patients and users? Let us know on the Essence Facebook page!

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The Future of Cannabis in 2018

2017 was a big year for cannabis!

  • California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada all legalized recreational marijuana.
  • Arkansas, Montana, and North Dakota legalized medical marijuana.
  • Nevada really went the distance and got the recreational program up and running in just six months!
  • The Las Vegas City Council could vote as early as March 2018 on whether or not to allow cannabis lounges to open.

So what does the future of cannabis in the U.S. look like for the rest of 2018?

The Next States Predicted to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Matthew A. Karnes is the founder of GreenWave Advisors, a financial analysis and research firm specializing in marijuana markets.

He recently told High Times magazine that he expects all 50 states to have some form of legalized marijuana by 2021.

Karnes predicts that if a non-legal state shares a border with a cannabis-legal state, it’s going to see its neighbor generating a lot of revenue. Inevitiably, that non-legal state is going to want a piece of the action.

Keep an eye on the following states to see if they legalize recreational marijuana in 2018:

  • Connecticut
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Arizona
  • Michigan
  • Ohio

How the Federal Government Will Respond to State Cannabis Legalization in 2018

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a staunch opponent of marijuana legalization.

He’s already asked Congress to remove the protections put in place by the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment (now known as the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment), which prevents the Department of Justice from using federal funds to go after states where medical marijuana is legal.

This past December, President Trump signed a temporary spending bill that extended the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer protections until January 19. Of course, Congress will have to decide all over again whether or not to renew it.

At the time this blog post was written, the AP reported that Sessions is rescinding the Cole memo, an Obama-era policy that instructed federal prosecutors to take a lenient stance towards cannabis-legal states.

Republican Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado has responded by threatening to hold up all DOJ nominees unless Sessions promises to respect the rights of these states.

Could Cannabis Be Legalized On the Federal Level?

Back in August 2017, Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey introduced the Marijuana Justice Act of 2017. It’s co-sponsored by Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, and it would do the following:

  • Decriminalize cannabis by taking it off of the DEA’s controlled substances list
  • Penalize states that disproportionately target minority and low-income residents for cannabis-related crimes
  • Create a “Community Reinvestment Fund” for communities that have suffered the most under the War on Drugs

The chances of this bill passing in the current political climate are slim. Very slim.

But the cannabis movement, much like the plant itself, has proven to be pretty resilient. California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana back in 2000. 18 years later, marijuana’s popularity has reached an all-time high. Over the half of the country supports legalization.

The Green Tide has risen, and there’s no turning back – at least, not if U.S. citizens have anything to say about it.

Do you have any predictions for the future of cannabis in 2018? Which state will “go legal” next? Share your thoughts on the Essence Facebook page.

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How Cannabis Can Boost Your Creativity

Without creativity, you’ve got nothing.

Because  “being creative” isn’t just something that only artists do. Solving problems, overcoming obstacles, creating new life opportunities for yourself – these are ALL creative acts.

But what do you do when the creative juices aren’t flowing the way they should? You’ve got a block or a clog somewhere, and when you turn on the spigot that is your mind, you get a slow drip-drip-drip instead of a roaring blast.

In cases like that, cannabis might be the plumbing solution you need to get those ideas flowing again!

3 Ways Cannabis Could Help Boost Creativity

1. Cannabis increases the amount of blood that flows to the frontal lobe of the brain.

Our brain’s frontal lobe plays a huge role in our creative drive and our ability to brainstorm and think “outside of the box.”

Studies have shown that highly creative people have a significant amount of blood flowing to the frontal lobe. Studies have also shown that cannabis consumption can increase cerebral blood flow (CBF) to that area of the brain.

2. Cannabis increases the amount of dopamine produced by your brain.

Dopamine is part of a neurological reward system that gives us drive, helps us focus, and encourages us to be more creative.

In other words, if you want to be the next Picasso, you need a healthy amount of dopamine at work in your brain. You can achieve that by eating a high-protein breakfast in the morning, practicing yoga, and, of course, consuming cannabis!

To learn more about the neurological link between cannabis and creativity, check out this article from ISSUES Berkeley Medical Journal.

3. The right strain of cannabis can help you relax and think more clearly

Creative people often complain about what writer Julia Cameron calls “the inner critic.” It’s that voice in your head that’s constantly telling you that your work isn’t good enough.

But the right strain of marijuana can slow down the pace of your thoughts, make you feel less inhibited, and allow you to relax and actually enjoy the creative process.

When Using Cannabis For Creativity, Less is More

If you’ve decided to make cannabis your creative muse, don’t overdo it.

A study showed that a 5.5 mg dose of THC improved creative thinking in test subjects, while a 22 mg dose reduced their creativity to a level below that of a sober person’s!

Suggested Cannabis Strains For Boosting Your Creativity

Jack Herer

What better strain to use for creativity than one named after a famous cannabis author? Jack Herer can give you the sativa-fueled shot of bliss you need to clear your mind and help unleash the genius within.

Lemon Meringue

This sweet, citrusy strain isn’t just great for fatigue, depression, and headaches. It’ll also put you in the optimum state of mind for creativity and – if you need it – physical activity!

One Last Thing to Remember…

Be sure to keep a pen and a piece of paper nearby to write down your ideas. Or if you’re a musician, hum a few bars of the new song you just wrote into a recorder.

Are you an artist who uses cannabis for inspiration? Has marijuana ever helped you solve a major problem you were facing? Share your experiences on the Essence Facebook page!

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The Top 5 Cannabis Christmas Gifts

‘Tis the season of giving. Or if you love cannabis…ganja giving!

But what do you give the cannabis lover who has it all?

Here’s a list of the top five Christmas cannabis gifts that marijuana aficionados are sure to go crazy for!

1. Dutch Girl Cookies

Christmas isn’t Christmas without cookies, and for this occasion, Dutch Girl Cookies are the perfect stocking gift.

They go great with a cup of coffee in the morning, or you can munch on them during those cold evenings when things are finally winding down. After all, why should Santa be the only who gets to fly high on that special night?

Plus, if you swing by Essence’s Henderson and West Tropicana locations on Christmas Eve (12/24) and purchase a package of Dutch Girl Cookies, you can get a second one for just $1!

2. The Rove Vape Pen

The Rove Vape Pen is a sleek, discreet, and elegant solution for people who love cannabis but don’t love all that smoke in their lungs.

The cartridges contain only premium CO2 cannabis oil, terpenes, and natural flavors, and the pen is specifically designed to break up any clogs that might occur.

Purchase a select Rove cartridge on Friday 12/22 at Essence, and you can get a select cartridge for $1. Don’t forget to pick up a battery as well!

3. Pain Relief Topicals

The holidays can be pretty stressful. Shopping for gifts, cooking big meals, dealing with relatives, running from one party to the next…

At some point, all you’re going to want is just a minute to yourself to kick back and actually relax.

Well, the Dixie Synergy Balm and the Cannabella Muscle Relief Salve can help you do just that.

Dixie Synergy Balm

This balm has an equal ratio of THC and CBD, making it a powerful tool in the fight against chronic pain, inflammation, and neuropathic conditions. Other beneficial ingredients include cacao, rosemary, lavender, and pine.

Cannabella Muscle Relief Salve

In addition to cannabis, this salve contains a blend of coconut and beeswax oil as well as essential oils like camphor, wintergreen, blood orange, and cypress – all of which will warm your tired muscles and joints, relax them, and treat any inflammation you may be suffering from.

4. Cannabis-Infused Lotion

Las Vegas is a dry city, and when you live in the desert, moisturizer is a must.

Sure, you can go for regular, run-of-the-mill lotion, but – better yet – you can surprise your loved one with one of these cannabis-infused lotions.

Cannabinoids have both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can give your skin a much-needed power-up. And because the cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the skin, they won’t enter your bloodstream and make you high.

5. Your Favorite Strain of Cannabis

Sometimes, the best gifts are the simplest ones, and you can’t get any simpler than high-quality cannabis flower.

You can give the person your favorite strain – the one you just can’t stop talking about – or you can give them a selection of pre-rolls as a kind of “sampler plate.” It’s a great gift for both novice and veteran users!

Need more ideas for Christmas cannabis gifts? The “12 Days of Essence” holiday special is still going strong, so check out the deals below and come visit us!

Happy Holidays!!!

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