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6 Ways Cannabis Improves Relationships

You and your partner are in the middle of an epic fight.

But instead of blowing up at each other and going to bed angry…

…you both sit down and pack a bowl.

Why? Because one of the benefits of cannabis is its ability to improve relationships. If that sounds like a stretch, keep reading. Here are six ways cannabis can help you get along better with your significant other!

1. Cannabis Can Help You Communicate More Easily

Being honest with your partner means being vulnerable, and that can be tough.

What if you say the wrong thing? What if you wind up hurting the other person? Or getting hurt yourself?

With the right strain of cannabis, you can ease some of that tension and anxiety. You’ll be able to talk more easily with your partner without fear of judgment. It’ll also help you be a better listener.

2. Cannabis Can Help You Think Outside the Box

If you and your partner are constantly butting heads over the same issue, it might be because you’re both trapped in a pattern of thinking that has you talking in circles.

One of the benefits of cannabis is that it helps spark creativity, allowing people to come up with new ideas and solutions to problems. A little bit of bud could help you break out of your mind loop and resolve whatever issue you’re facing.

3. Cannabis Can De-escalate Conflict

A study conducted at the University of Buffalo found that couples who smoke marijuana are less likely to engage in acts of domestic violence. And because it’s always better to make love, not war…

4. Cannabis is an Aphrodisiac

Does your relationship lack the passion that it once had? Cannabis could be the all-natural “miracle drug” that you need.

Business Insider reports that one of the benefits of cannabis is that it’s an aphrodisiac. According to the study:

● 50 percent of cannabis users experienced aphrodisiac effects.

● Two-thirds of users experienced increased feelings of pleasure and satisfaction

With numbers like that, it’s definitely worth a shot!

5. Cannabis Can Improve Your Health

When you’re struggling with an illness, such as chronic pain, it doesn’t just affect your health; it can affect your ability to maintain a relationship.

The medical benefits of cannabis are undeniable. And although cannabis isn’t a cure-all for every disease, it can ease your suffering as well as reduce the anxiety and stress that come along with it. That alone can make personal interactions a lot easier.

6. Cannabis Might Help You Find the Love of Your Life!

Currently single? Worried that your marijuana use might turn off a potential romantic partner?

It turns out that your passion for pot could actually help you find that special someone. Marijuana dating apps are available, allowing singles who love bud to connect with each other. Now love is just a click and a toke away!

Bob Marley once said that marijuana is “the healing of the nations.” Maybe the best place to begin that healing is in our closest, most intimate relationships. Isn’t it time we give peace–and pot–a chance?

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