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8 Most Popular Cannabis Strains of All Time

It’s not easy being popular. It’s a lot of pressure. You have to constantly live up to the hype surrounding you.


But these 10 cannabis strains make being popular look easy.


Some of these strains are relatively new and made a big splash when they first arrived on the scene. Others have been around so long they’ve achieved legendary status.


Here they all are, in no particular order.


The 10 most popular cannabis strains of all time (in our humble opinion, of course)!

1. Blue Dream


For West Coasters, Blue Dream needs no introduction. The cannabis website Leafly acknowledges that Blue Dream is indeed its most popular strain.


Why is it so popular? Well, this child of the indica Blueberry and the sativa Haze offers its users a calm, relaxing euphoria that’s non-sedating. Great for daytime use, and for novice and experienced users alike.

2. OG Kush

OG Kush provides the genetic backbone for a multitude of West Coast strains. Even if you’ve never tried it yourself, chances are you’ve tried one of its offspring such as Tahoe OG, Ghost OG, and our very own OG Story. This piney, earthy strain will send your stress packing and leave the door wide open for relaxation to enter your life.

3. Jack Herer


Named after the famous cannabis activist and writer, Jack Herer originated in the Netherlands in the 1990s. Since then, it’s crossed the pond and made a name for itself in our neck of the woods, mainly for the bliss, euphoria, and creativity it inspires.


4. Pineapple Express


There’s been some question over whether the movie Pineapple Express came before the now popular cannabis strain, or vice versa.


But the star of the film, Seth Rogen, says the movie came first, and that’s good enough for us! So the next time you watch the film, try this sweet-tasting sativa strain first. It’ll make for a better movie-watching experience!

5. Blueberry


Blueberry has been packing a heavy indica-dominant punch since the 1970s, but it achieved major renown after winning the High Times Cannabis Cup for “Best Indica” in 2000. Try it and see for yourself!

6. Chemdawg


Chemdawg’s potency alone is enough to rank it as one of the top strains of all time. But it’s also the parent strain of OG Kush (and all its phenotypes), Sour Diesel, Stardawg, and a whole lot more. Without Chemdawg, a host of cannabis strains would be missing from the field.

7. Girl Scout Cookies


We’re not sure exactly when the whole “Girl Scouts selling cookies in front of cannabis dispensaries” became a trend, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. And neither is the strain Girl Scout Cookies – not as long as it continues to deliver powerful pain relief and relaxation to its users, especially medical cannabis patients.

8. Super Lemon Haze


We end our list with Super Lemon Haze, which was one of only two strains to win back-to-back Cannabis Cups (the other was Super Lemon Haze’s parent strain: Super Silver Haze). It’s sativa-dominant with a sweet, lemony taste that, like the name suggests, will have you feeling like you deserve an “S” on your chest.


What about you? What do you think are the most famous strains of all time? Share your comments with us on the Essence Facebook page!

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