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Cannabis and Wine

When you hear obscure terms like terroir and tasting notes, you may expect to find yourself at a fancy wine tasting event. Well, that’s not necessarily the case anymore. As marijuana increases its mainstream appeal, the vocation of the wine sommelier has transformed into that of the ganjier or the cannaseur!

Ganjiers and Cannasseurs
These new terms are definitely riffs on the phraseology used to describe wine experts. As you can see, ganjier is a spoof of sommelier, while cannasseur is a more playful adoption of connoisseur. Regardless of these playful terms, they both indicate someone who is well versed in the full spectrum of marijuana flavors. And more importantly, how to pair them together.

Cannabis-wine-pairingParing Cannabis and Wine
There is a true and rich experience to be had here. But to discover the perfect wine and cannabis pairing, you should consider their taste profile. Too complicated? It doesn’t have to be. In essence, it’s no different than pairing wine with a meat or cheese. If you have a preference for bold or full bodied wines, then consider matching them with a similar heady strain. An acidic or a more dry wine will work best with citrusy or lighter strains.

Now, we’ve gone ahead and paired several different types of wine with strains readily available at our dispensaries. But, as always, a word of caution: for the optimum experience, make sure to enjoy your wine and cannabis in moderation.

On to the pairings!

Riesling – Considered a “wet” wine, it’s the perfect foil for marijuana. The residual sugary tang of this wine helps to make your mouth water and can offset the dry mouth effect of marijuana. It’s also subtly sweet that can help satisfy the sweet tooth! Pair it with a citrusy or sweet strain such as Cherry Pie or Golden Goat.
Wine: 2012 Ürziger Würzgarten Riesling Spätlese

Sauvignon Blanc – This wine has plenty of herbal note, with a sweet and almost tropical flavor. . Therefore, you can also pair it with citrus strain of marijuana like Star Killer or Tangie. The sweet flavor is perfect for the strong acidic finish of the wine.
Wine: Mulderbosch Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Cabernet – These blends tend to be full bodied. Therefore, you can combine it with a strong and heady strain like Golden Goat or 9 Pound Hammer to keep up with the strength of a good red wine.
Wine: 2013 Jérémy Quastana L’Insurgé

Chardonnay – This tends to be a rich white wine that is overflowing with fruit flavors. Depending on the ripeness of the grape, it can have a pineapple or lemon aftertaste. It is best paired with a strain like Lemon Haze or Agent Orange.
Wine: Massican “Annia” 2014 Napa Valley

Sparkling Wine – For a savory and complex taste beyond the traditional wine, we suggest a cup of cool champagne! You should combine this with a strain that is strong and earthy, like Jack Herer or even Key Lime Pie.
Wine: Bérêche Campania Remensis Rosé

Beer – Finally, if you’re not a wine kind of person, then you may want to look into pairing your choice of cannabis with a beer. Wheat beers go well with a citrus strain like Maui Wowi or Grape Stomper.
Beer: Blue Moon

A New Appreciation
We hold a deep appreciation for the full spectrum of flavors, experiences and benefits that cannabis provides. And now, it’s possible to add to that by pairing marijuana with the sophisticated notes that wine can offer.

Find your essence. And let us know of any pairings you’ve tried out!

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