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Las Vegas Cannabis Strains You Need to Try This Month (July 2018)

(All cannabinoid percentages / terpene servings are estimates that may vary from batch to batch.)

Zelda #1 (Desert Grown Farms)

Parent Strains: Legend OG + Orange Blossom Trail

THC: 32%

CBN: .5%

b-Myrcene: 7 mg/g

a-Pinene: 2.5 mg/g

b-Pinene: 1.35 mg/g

The Legend of Zelda video game series aside, the name “Zelda” makes us think of a sweet, beloved grand-aunt who’s famous for dishing out sass and no-nonsense advice.

Which makes it an appropriate name for the strain known as Zelda #1.

It’s got dark orange hairs and dark buds that are spread out in a cool fashion – like a sea sponge covered in crystals. Not to mention the sweet, piney, herbal smell that goes along with it.

If you’re not already sitting when you take that first inhale, make sure there’s a chair nearby. Zelda doesn’t ease up on you and slowly relax you like some other strains. She’s more like, “Hey, you. What are you so worried about? Take a seat and relax. Now.”

And she’s pretty convincing because the head effect is almost instantaneous and the body effect is so calming that sitting in a chair seems like the best idea in the world.

This is a great strain for daytime use, as it leaves you feeling relaxed yet still functional…if you need to be.

Good for treating: Pain, anxiety, depression, and aides focus

Fruitcake (The Facility)

Parent strains: Key Lime Pie (or Cherry Pie) + Sunset Dreams

THC: 26%

b-Myrcene: 9.8 mg/g

b-Caryophyllene: 2.2 mg/g

Limonene: 2 mg/g

“Aw, you brought me a fruitcake! Thank you so much!”

…said no one ever.

Okay, yes, people have probably said that, especially around the holidays, but how many of them really meant it?

Fruitcakes are thick, dense, and don’t always taste great – unless you add a lot of rum.

But then there’s this Fruitcake.

And like its namesake, it’s got thick, densely-packed buds with wiry, dark orange hairs – plus, a spicy, citrusy scent.

It also packs a heavy punch in the form of an invigorating body effect.

It’ll relax you, but it won’t totally sedate you. The best way to describe it is that it grounds you. If you need to do some type of physical activity, this would be a great strain to pair with it.

And the next time you think about making a fruitcake for the holidays, make it a cannabis-infused one. You’ve already got the perfect strain to use…

Good for treating: anxiety, insomnia, pain, stress

White OG (The Facility / Karma Genetics)

Parent Strains: SFV OG Kush + The White

THC: 27%

CBN: .4%

b-Myrcene: 7.96 mg

Limonene: 6.7 mg/g

b-Caryophyllene: 6.6 mg/g

Have you ever been judo-flipped and totally didn’t see it coming?

Flavor- and aroma-wise, White OG hits all the right notes: earthy, sweet, and piney. Plus, the buds are full, fluffy, and pleasing to the eye.

In that sense, White OG is like a kind-looking, unassuming old man who is secretly a judo master.

“What’s the matter?” he says. “Stressed out? Can’t sleep? I know. Let me try this…”

WHAM! Next thing you know, you’re as chill as an ice cube inside of a snow cone. Heavy sedation and relaxation in an instant.

Yep. You’ve just been bested by a true grand master strain. No shame in that. Defeat never felt so good.

Good for treating: Anxiety, depression, muscle tension, pain, insomnia

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