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What is Dabbing?

If you’re new to cannabis, there’s a chance you’ve heard the term “dabbing” or seen dabbing products but have no idea how any of it works.

Here’s the simplest explanation of dabbing that we can give you.

“Dabbing” is a Verb

Dabbing is something you do. Like mowing a lawn or riding a bike.

(Hey. We told you we were going to start simple.)

More specifically, “dabbing” is a way of consuming a very specific type of cannabis concentrate known as a “dab.”

Which brings us to the next, obvious question….

What is a Dab?

A “dab” is a nickname for butane hash oil (BHO) – a cannabis concentrate that’s made using an extraction process that involves butane.

After the extraction process is complete, the resulting oil usually has the consistency of wax, hence its other nickname: “wax.”

Truth be told, “wax” has different degrees of consistency, which has led to other nicknames (budder, crumble, shatter), but let’s set that aside for the moment.

All you need to know for now is that a dab usually refers to some form of BHO, although users have also reported success using CO2 oil for dabbing as well.

What You Need to Dab (a.k.a. The Dab Rig Setup)

  • A water pipe
  • A nail – this refers to a heat-resistant, cylindrical-shaped bowl (usually made of titanium or quartz) that can fit into your water pipe in place of the standard glass bowl.
  • A blowtorch
  • A dabber – this is a heat-resistant tool that you use to apply the dab to the nail

How Dabbing Works: A Simplified Version

  • First, you use the blowtorch to heat up the nail until it becomes red-hot.
  • Next, you turn off the heat and let the nail cool down (If it’s too hot, the resulting vapor might hurt your throat. You also risk burning off valuable cannabinoids and terpenes). If your nail requires a dome, now’s the time to place it on top of the nail.
  • Finally, you use your dabber to place the dab on the nail (inside of the dome) and inhale the vapor.
  • Actually, there is one more step. You’ll need to exhale at some point. Definitely don’t forget that.

Alternatives to Owning a Full-On Dab Rig

If you don’t feel up to investing in a blowtorch, you can buy an electronic nail (more commonly known as an “e-nail”) which you can heat up using a controller box.

You can also invest in a dab pen. This is basically like a vape pen, but it’s made to handle a single hit from a dab.

A Word of Caution

Dabs can contain up to 90 percent THC, which makes them extremely powerful.

Because the effects can be intense for the uninitiated, we only recommend dabbing for experienced cannabis users or medical patients who can benefit from the high degree of pain relief that dabs offer.

If you want to learn more about dabbing, come visit us at any of our three locations and speak with our dispensary consultants!

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