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Las Vegas Cannabis Strains You Need to Try This Month (August 2018)

(All cannabinoid percentages / terpene servings are estimates that may vary from batch to batch)

Jack Herer

Parent Strains: Haze + Northern Lights #5 / Shiva Skunk cross

THC: 24.96%

CBN: 0.37%

Terpinolene: 11.3 mg/g

Ocimene: 5.45 mg/g

b-Caryophyllene: 3.65 mg/g

Jack Herer is named after the legendary cannabis activist and author. And the strain itself is a legend in its own right.

Light-green, moist buds. Bright, fluffy orange hairs. A strong scent of pine to boot.

And the effects? Sometimes, the simplest words are the best. And in this case, the word “awesome” works pretty well.

It’s a sativa strain that’s perfect for morning or daytime use. Expect to feel good – no, not just good: GREAT.

Expect to feel its effects primarily in your head and upper body.

Expect to feel empowered and confident. Like you’re ready to take flight. Or take on the world. Or both.

Jack Herer (the man, not the strain) wrote a book called The Emperor Wears No Clothes. The title of the book was meant to draw a parallel between the classic fairty tale and cannabis prohibition.

The irony is that a good-sized dose of Jack Herer (the strain, not the man) will make you feel like you’re a born king or queen.

And if you’re not wearing any clothes, so what? You’re the EMPEROR. You can do what you want.

(Just be sure to do it in the privacy of your own home…your Highness.)

Good for treating: Stress, depression, pain, fatigue, creative blocks, hangovers

Sour Banana Sherbet

THC: 21.49%

CBD: .51%

b-Myrcene: 4.39 mg/g

Limonene: 2.46 mg/g

b-Caryophyllene: 1.38 mg/g

Sour Banana Sherbet smells the way a dessert should smell: sweet and sour…and with a hint of diesel.

This is a slow-acting, sativa-dominant hybrid that takes about 20-30 seconds to kick into gear. You’ll feel cool, mellowing effects in both the head and the body, but mostly in the head. Great stress and anxiety reliever!

But the taste is where Sour Banana Sherbet really stands out. Like we said before, it’s got a strong sweet and sour flavor.

You may even be tempted to keep smoking Sour Banana Sherbet purely for the taste, especially if you’re using a quality vaporizer!

Good for treating: anxiety, insomnia, pain, stress

Venom OG 

Parent Strains: OG Poison + Rare Dankness #1

THC: 23.16%

CBN: 0.46%

b-Myrcene: 5.02 mg/g

b-Caryophyllene: 1.92 mg/g

Linalool: 1.56 mg/g

Venom OG is a relaxing indica, but it doesn’t have the knock-you-out sedative effect that Poison Ivy does. Nor does it take its sweet time bringing you into a relaxed state of being.

Yes, the full-body effect is instant, but the overall effect is like someone slowly turning the volume down on the craziness of life. As the volume goes down, the strain’s intensity increases from low to moderate to high.

Venom OG is ideal for the stressed-out and the worried – folks who want to ease their way into relaxation, as opposed to being catapulted into at full speed. Great for early evening use if you want to be somewhat sociable or even just awake long enough to enjoy end-of-the-day activities.

Good for treating: Pain, arthritis, anxiety, sleep disorders

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