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Using Cannabis as an Aphrodisiac

The thrill is gone.

When your relationship first started, it was all fireworks. But now you can barely get a sparkler going.

That being said, you and your significant other are determined to revive those epic bouts of passionate, raucous lovemaking –  or at least revive them some of the time!

You decide to pull out all the stops. We’re talking mood lighting. Candles. Flower petals strategically placed all over the floor and furniture.

Not to mention a plate full of “aphrodisi-snacks” like strawberries, oysters, dark chocolate…

Wait a minute. You forgot the cannabis.

Can’t forget that!

Cannabis is many things: pain reliever, anxiety reducer, inflammation fighter – it can even act as a creative muse!

But it also has a very much underrated superpower…

Cannabis can be used as an aphrodisiac.

Studies Suggest That Cannabis Enhances Sexual Performance and Enjoyment

  • Researchers in Italy and the Czech Republic found that 50 percent of people who used cannabis experienced aphrodisiac-like effects.
  • Also, 70 percent of users said cannabis increased their sense of enjoyment and satisfaction while having sex.
  • Similar results were found in a 1970 survey conducted by Stony Brook University and a 1983 study in the Journal of Sex Research.

People Have Combined Cannabis and Sex For a While Now

  • In ancient India, cannabis was used in Tantric rituals. Some of these practices, such as those found in the Kama Sutra, involved harnessing the power of sexual energy as a means to attaining enlightenment. Yowza!
  • In Uganda, cannabis is prescribed as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.
  • In 1930s Russia, virgin brides would use cannabis to decrease the pain felt during sexual intercourse

Size Does Matter, So Mind Your Dosage!

There’s a “Goldilocks zone” you want to aim for when using cannabis as an aphrodisiac.

  • In sociologist Erich Goode’s book The Marijuana Smokers, he suggests that 50 joints smoked over the course of six months can improve sexual performance. But if you smoke less than a joint a week, it can hurt your performance.
  • Wayne Koff, president and CEO of the Human Vaccine Project, found that a single joint provides an effective dose for sexual enhancement. But if you get too high, your sex drive will take a negative hit.

In other words, you may need to do a little experimenting to find the dosage level that works best for you and your partner. Which brings us to…

Which Strain is Best for Sex?

In an interview with Motherboard, sexologist and author Betty Dodson says, “When it comes to sex, you want to get out of your head and into your body and marijuana really supports that transition.”

If you take Dodson at her word, try the hybrids or the indicas as opposed to the sativas, which are notorious for their head highs.

Again, just experiment, be safe, be responsible, and above all, have fun – LOTS of fun!

Have YOU ever used cannabis as an aphrodisiac? Or do you limit your cannabis consumption to outside of the bedroom only. Share your thoughts with us on the Essence Facebook page!

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