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How Cannabis Can Boost Your Creativity

Without creativity, you’ve got nothing.

Because  “being creative” isn’t just something that only artists do. Solving problems, overcoming obstacles, creating new life opportunities for yourself – these are ALL creative acts.

But what do you do when the creative juices aren’t flowing the way they should? You’ve got a block or a clog somewhere, and when you turn on the spigot that is your mind, you get a slow drip-drip-drip instead of a roaring blast.

In cases like that, cannabis might be the plumbing solution you need to get those ideas flowing again!

3 Ways Cannabis Could Help Boost Creativity

1. Cannabis increases the amount of blood that flows to the frontal lobe of the brain.

Our brain’s frontal lobe plays a huge role in our creative drive and our ability to brainstorm and think “outside of the box.”

Studies have shown that highly creative people have a significant amount of blood flowing to the frontal lobe. Studies have also shown that cannabis consumption can increase cerebral blood flow (CBF) to that area of the brain.

2. Cannabis increases the amount of dopamine produced by your brain.

Dopamine is part of a neurological reward system that gives us drive, helps us focus, and encourages us to be more creative.

In other words, if you want to be the next Picasso, you need a healthy amount of dopamine at work in your brain. You can achieve that by eating a high-protein breakfast in the morning, practicing yoga, and, of course, consuming cannabis!

To learn more about the neurological link between cannabis and creativity, check out this article from ISSUES Berkeley Medical Journal.

3. The right strain of cannabis can help you relax and think more clearly

Creative people often complain about what writer Julia Cameron calls “the inner critic.” It’s that voice in your head that’s constantly telling you that your work isn’t good enough.

But the right strain of marijuana can slow down the pace of your thoughts, make you feel less inhibited, and allow you to relax and actually enjoy the creative process.

When Using Cannabis For Creativity, Less is More

If you’ve decided to make cannabis your creative muse, don’t overdo it.

A study showed that a 5.5 mg dose of THC improved creative thinking in test subjects, while a 22 mg dose reduced their creativity to a level below that of a sober person’s!

Suggested Cannabis Strains For Boosting Your Creativity

Jack Herer

What better strain to use for creativity than one named after a famous cannabis author? Jack Herer can give you the sativa-fueled shot of bliss you need to clear your mind and help unleash the genius within.

Lemon Meringue

This sweet, citrusy strain isn’t just great for fatigue, depression, and headaches. It’ll also put you in the optimum state of mind for creativity and – if you need it – physical activity!

One Last Thing to Remember…

Be sure to keep a pen and a piece of paper nearby to write down your ideas. Or if you’re a musician, hum a few bars of the new song you just wrote into a recorder.

Are you an artist who uses cannabis for inspiration? Has marijuana ever helped you solve a major problem you were facing? Share your experiences on the Essence Facebook page!

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