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What You Should Do Before/After Using Cannabis

You’ve got your cannabis. You read our newbie’s guide and learned about the four different ways to consume marijuana.

But all of that just covers the very beginning of the experience. The real magic happens AFTER you’ve used cannabis.

And the best way to prepare for what comes after is to focus on what to do BEFORE you smoke.

So here it is: our quick guide to what you should do before and after using cannabis.

What You Should Do Before Using Cannabis

Make Sure the Kids Are In Bed First

Some parents have no qualms about consuming cannabis while their kids are wide awake. Some even claim it helps them be better parents.

But the rest of you may not be too comfortable with getting blazed while the wee ones are still up and about.

So tuck them in, read them a bedtime story, and wait until they’re softly snoring before you hit the pipe.

Put on Something Comfortable

Get out of your work clothes. Throw off those jeans, heels, or whatever else you got going on and get into something comfortable.

Things are about to get very chill. It helps to dress the part.

Have Food Ready

In all likelihood, you’re going to have the munchies after you’ve consumed cannabis. So get some of your favorite snack foods and meals ready. You may even want to order take-out.

One of the great, simple pleasures in life is to smoke a bowl, realize 30 minutes later that you’re hungry, and then suddenly remember that you’ve got a whole bunch of food that’s waiting to be eaten.

What You Should Do After Using Cannabis

Put On Some Music

Feel the vibrations! Cannabis and music go together like jelly and donuts (That sounds good. Add that to your munchies list!)

In fact, the right playlist can set the tone for the whole experience, helping you keep things on an even keel.

Watch a Movie

Movies are great to watch while high. You can go with the classic “stoner” comedies or the more visually-stimulating films of the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Or you can just binge watch episodes of Downton Abbey.

There’s no wrong way to do cannabis movie-watching as long as you do you.

Wait a While Before You Take Your Next Dose

Cannabis doesn’t always affect people at the same rate. For smoking, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to 30 minutes before things really get moving.

For edibles, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple hours.

Be patient. If you still don’t feel anything after the maximum allotted time, you can try again.


That’s the whole point, right?

Go for a walk. Make some art. Sit in your backyard and look up at the stars.

Or just stare at that weird pattern on your bedroom ceiling that you’re positive is a tomato even though everyone else says it’s an apple.

Whatever you decide to do, just be relaxed when you do it. It’ll make for a better high!

What do you like to do before and after using cannabis? Share your thoughts with us on the Essence Facebook page!

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