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Greenway Las Vegas began cultivating cannabis in Nevada in 2016. “Luxury cannabis fueled by passion” is their unofficial motto. To paraphrase them, they’ve built a following around a cannabis connoisseur’s appreciation for the types of qualities that separate the best strains from the rest of the pack.

Greenway Las Vegas produces small-batch, hand-trimmed, packaged flower that delivers the kind of taste, potency, and efficacy that you’d expect from a connoisseur brand. And that makes a lot of sense when you consider their origins.

Corey Buffkin is chief cultivator and co-owner of Green Way Las Vegas. In 2009, Corey was a founding member of Denver, Colorado’s “Mile High Green Cross.” He made a name for himself there by introducing a propietary cultivation technique that created small-batch, connoisseur-grade medical cannabis.

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Corey owns Green Man Cannabis in Denver Colorado, which operates the largest cultivation facility in the state — 120,000 square feet! He’s also the owner of “Phresh Cannabis” in Portland, Oregon.

Check out some of their strains:

Apple Cobbler

Bleating Goat

Curious George #7

Ghost Train Haze

Goji OG

Greenway Glue

Hell’s OG

Jamaican Tenspeed

Pootie Tang

Red Headed Stranger

Rose OG


UK Cheese