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Remedy is the self-proclaimed “Battle Born Brand,” and they’ve placed premium cannabis and customer satisfaction at the top of their to-do list.

They selectively breed and hand-cultivate each of their cannabis strains, and they adhere to the most stringent growing and production standards in the industry.

Their list of available products include:

  • Hand-trimmed craft cannabis flower, including high-CBD strains
  • Medicated capsules
  • THC and CBD extracts
  • Remedy brand vape pen (for use with disposable cartridges)

So what makes Remedy stand out?

Despite the recreational cannabis boom, Remedy isn’t looking to become a recreational or luxury cannabis brand. Their products are specifically marketed for therapeutic purposes. Think of them solely as a medical cannabis company, which is reflected in the quality and design of their products.

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Through innovative growing techniques, they’ve developed a scientific approach to cannabis cultivation that consistently achieves top-tier results. The three primary categories that they focus on are:

  • Strength
  • Cleanliness
  • Therapeutic potential

Remedy has set a high bar for themselves by utilizing selective genetic breeding while ensuring their products meet the strictest lab testing standards.

Some of their strains include:


GG #4

Blue Dream

Mixed Berry Disposable Vape Pen