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Silver State Trading was founded by John Sutton, a former tech worker who had a very personal experience with cannabis.

John’s son was suffering from a rare and painful genetic disorder. In 2012, when John was still working for the tech company, one of his co-workers gave him a quarter-ounce of cannabis that he could use to treat his son.

After John talked it over with his wife, they decided to give it a go. They watched a YouTube video that showed them how to turn a soda can into a pipe, and they let their son smoke the cannabis.

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Within 5 minutes, the son’s pain was greatly diminished, and he was able to walk down the stairs for the first time in a long time.

30 days later, John quit his job and started Silver State Trading.

According to their site, Silver State Trading is one of the first and only cannabis facilities in Nevada to be Clean Green Certified – meaning customers can be confident that all of Silver State Trading’s cannabis products are made using safe, organic methods.

Silver State Trading oversees two brand product lines:

Envy – includes flower, concentrates, gummies, cartridges, and applicators.

Trokie – includes lozenges, capsules, patches, and topicals.