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In 2014, five Reno locals got together to apply for a medical cannabis cultivation license. Each person in the group had been affected by an illness as well as the medicinal power of cannabis. One of them had a sister who was going through chemotherapy. Another had a child struggling with seizures. Another had a wife with degenerative arthritis.

They took on the name Medical Marijuana Group (MMG) and received their license to cultivate and produce cannabis medicine. And even though recreational cannabis is currently dominating the cannabis market, MMG chose to keep its original name so that they’re constantly reminded of their core values.

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MMG is locally owned and operates solely within the Nevada market. They’re committed to growing cannabis without using any harmful substances that might contaminate their products. They tend to their cannabis plants daily, hand-trimming them and filling each flower jar by hand. Additionally, all their pre-rolls are rolled by trained package experts and contain premium bud.

One of the challenges of storing cannabis in a place like Nevada is the arid climate. Cannabis has a tendency to dry out quickly here, so MMG packages all of their cannabis in airtight, recyclable and reusable glass containers, and they use humidity packs when necessary.