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Cannabis and Productivity

Couch-lock! That familiar feeling we get when we’ve smoked or vaped or eaten too much cannabis, and now we’re lost in a world that consists solely of our couch, the TV, and the bag of potato chips sitting on the coffee table that are WAY too far away for us to actually reach over and grab…

That’s the stereotype, right? Lazy “stoners” who can’t get anything done.

But what if we told you that, in some instances, cannabis can be helpful in increasing your productivity?

Sativa Strains Can Give You an Energy Boost

The picture we painted above is what can happen when you consume indica strains, which are most notable for their sedative, “couch-lock” effect.

But sativa strains are preferred among consumers who are looking for a boost of energy in the morning. For them, a good sativa strain is like having a good cup of coffee.

Cannabis Can Improve Focus

We’ve written before about the link between cannabis and creativity, and how cannabis can help enhance the creative process.

In that post, we talked specifically about how cannabis increases the amount of dopamine produced by the brain. Dopamine is a focusing agent and helps us zero in our tasks and goals so that we can get things done.

Using Cannabis While Exercising

Still think cannabis can’t help you get up and get moving? Check out our other post about combining cannabis with exercise. Some athletes claim that cannabis helps boost their performance and manage their pain.

Medical Cannabis as an Anxiety and Pain Reliever

Sometimes stress and anxiety can paralyze us and prevent us from fully participating in our work.

Or we can be suffering from intense chronic pain that makes it difficult to concentrate on any one task.

Cannabis can be a game changer in these situations. CBD-dominant products in particular can help relieve stress, anxiety, and pain.

Tips on Using Cannabis to be More Productive

If you’ve decided to try using cannabis first thing in the morning, like you would a cup of coffee, watch your dosage. The key is to take just enough so that you feel the cannabinoids working, but not so much that you’re blazed out of your mind and can’t concentrate.

Experiment with edibles. They take a little longer to work (30 minutes to two hours), but they also offer a longer, more deeply felt high. The proper edible dosage can give you the productivity boost you need for the entire day.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Yes, cannabis can give you energy, but you can still burn yourself out if you push yourself too hard for too long. Take regular breaks, and try to schedule days where you don’t use cannabis for the sole purpose of checking things off your massive to-do list.

Do you consider yourself a productive person? Do you use cannabis to help you get more things done at work and around the house? Share your cannabis productivity tips with us on the Essence Facebook page!

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