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Have you ever smoked cannabis before going shopping?

Here are three reasons to consider it:

  • You find it stressful to shop and need something to help you relax.
  • You’re an indecisive shopper who gets overwhelmed by having lots of choices.
  • You enjoy shopping and want to enhance the experience.

In addition to helping you stay mellow, cannabis can improve your focus and make you more observant.

Sounds become more pronounced. Colors become brighter. Objects begin to stand out in ways they didn’t before.

Under those conditions, cannabis could make you a better, more efficient shopper!

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Here are some tips on using cannabis when shopping:

Decide on a budget beforehand. The euphoric effects of cannabis might give you an inflated sense of how much money you can spend. Be especially mindful when going food shopping; the munchies might make your eyes bigger than your stomach.

Be strategic with your dosing. Consume just enough cannabis to feel the effects but still be able to function. Remember: if you’re out in public, you don’t want to appear visibly intoxicated (online shopping is a different story, of course).

Don’t buy something important while you’re intoxicated. Items like video games, groceries, and clothes are low-impact purchases. They won’t affect your finances too much, provided you stay within your budget.

But things like a home entertainment system, BBQ grill, or a treadmill might require a bit more soberness.

Then you’ve got the big purchases: cars, houses, investments, etc. In those cases, we’d advise using cannabis during the initial stages, when you’re contemplating which of these things to buy. But you should make the actual purchasing decision when you’re stone-cold sober.

But that’s just our two cents!