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Cannabis and yoga have a long history together.

There’s evidence that cannabis was used by Tantric practitioners in ancient India. Additionaly, the Hindu god Shiva is known as the “lord of bhang” (“bhang” is a cannabis-infused milk beverage), and there are many stories in which Shiva is depicted smoking cannabis.

But aside from their history, why should you try combining cannabis and yoga nowadays?

Cannabis can reduce some of the pain and anxiety you might feel during a yoga class.

It can help you relax, find deeper stretches, and enhance your sense of euphoria and well-being.

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We recommend that you go slow when combining cannabis and yoga. While it can make your yoga session more enjoyable, particularly because of its ability to dampen pain, you always want to be mindful of your body. Don’t push yourself beyond what’s comfortable.

As far as what strain you should use, it really depends on you and your physiology. Sativas and hybrids are obvious choices, but indicas like Cookie Face or Fruitcake, which are both relaxing and invigorating, could be good options as well.

And of course, high-CBD strains and products can be very beneficial for post-yoga recovery.

Consult with our dispensary consultants to learn more about combining cannabis and yoga.